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Reibert Manuals - Der Dienstunterricht im Heere
1941 Der Dienstunterricht in der Luftwaffe
This is a very nice original example of the Luftwaffe manual in the series of Wehrmacht service manuals published by E.S. Mittler & Sohn of Berlin for use by airmen of the German Armed Forces during the Third Reich and World War II. It is the 12th Neubearbeitet or updated edition of Der Dienstunterricht in der Luftwaffe, or edition for Airmen in the Air Force assembled by Oberst Ehrenfried Tschoeltsch of the Reichsluftfahrtministerium.
This very heavily illustrated 5-1/2 x 7-1/2 inch, 304 page, 1941 edition manual has over 250 illustrations in the text of things like visor caps, uniforms, shoulder boards, collar tabs, proficiency badges, sword and bayonet knots, insignia, medals, Luftwaffe badges, recipients of the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross, the Oak Leaves to the Knights Cross, and the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross, etc.   Of course it also contains specific information for the comprehensive training of air force troops.
In the front of the book there are portraits of Adolf Hitler (Oberster Befehlshaber der deutschen Wehrmacht) as well as the Nazi generals in charge of the Luftwaffe (Hermann Göring), Army (von Brauchitsch), Navy (Raeder), Generaloberst Milch (State Secretary of the Air Force). This book also contains photo portraits of Richthofen, Immelmann and Boelcke.
This 12th edition of the manual Der Dienstunterricht in der Luftwaffe has the complete German history and soldiering sections, which include all the information anyone needed to know on subjects like the P08 Luger pistol, MG13 machine gun, flare pistol, hand grenade, compass, k98 rifles, barracks life, hygiene, discipline, rules and regulations, ammunition, etc.

A rare original Third Reich era book with hundreds of illustrations! Complete and in used condition. The original owner's name, a Funker from Asschaffenburg, is written in pencil inside the front cover as well as some of his pencil notations on the title page.

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Luftwaffe belt buckle, dagger
Luftwaffe insignia
Nazi Army uniforms, visor caps, shoulder boards
Nazi army weapon cleaning equipment
Luftwaffe sword, Luftwaffe dagger
Nazi aviation miniter Hermann Goering
3. Reich Marschkompass
Nazi MG
Adolf Hitler portrait
This original 1941 Luftwaffe manual provides a very complete view, not only of the concept of soldiering in the German Air Force during the Third Reich, but also a very comprehensive examination of the information anyone needed to know to serve in combat in a Luftwaffe unit. This edition also contains two pages of Nazi airplane models and designations.
Luftwaffe airplanes




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