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Das Gewehr 98 Waffentafel
Three Third Reich educational manuals for Hitler-Soldaten called Das Gewehr 98,
"Leading and Following" and the "Most Important Weapons of the Infantry".
Reibert Luftwaffe manual with Goering portrait
Original 1941 edition of the educational Handbook of the Luftwaffe with over
250 images of visor caps, uniforms, shoulder boards, collar tabs, insignia,
firearms, Luftwaffe medals and badges, airplane designations, etc.
Walther pistol manual PP, PPK, PP Sport
An old German Walther PP + Walther PPK police pistol manual, heavily
illustrated with cut-away views, user, assembly and cleaning instructions.
Wehrmacht Sprachfuehrer Deutsch-Englisch
An original 1940 Wehrmacht Sprachführer Deutsch-Englisch,
a German-English Nazi pocket dictionary for front line soldiers.
WH Sprachfuehrer
Three pocket-size Nazi picture dictionaries for Wehrmacht personnel on the
East Front as well as a soldier pocket guidebook for life at the front.
1942 OKH Taschenbuch
Original illustrated winter handbook for motorized Nazi troops on
the East Front publiished by the OKH in August 1942.
Very informative, heavily illustrated 1938 Nazi manual about Wehrmacht Supply
Troops - the logistics of keeping the Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht in business.
nazi uniforms
Der Dienstunterricht im Heere - undated original Reibert manual supplement
on Nazi uniforms and Third Reich flags in full color.
Original illustrated promotional Oberkommando des Heeres booklet
for future Wehrmacht soldiers explaining highly mobile motorized troop.
A rare 1943 edition of the Der Dienstunterricht im Heere Ausgabe für Schützen der Schützenkompanie with the plate showing Waffen-SS field uniforms, service uniforms, visor caps and insignia.
An original, heavily illustrated updated 1941 edition of the Reibert handbook for
soldiers called Der Dienstunterricht im Heere Ausgabe für den Nachrichtensoldaten.
A rare example of Merkbuch für den Zahlmeister des Feldheeres,
a 1943 instruction book for Wehrmacht Paymasters in the field.
Great illustrated subject-by-subject review of German Army matters.
1943 German-Russian technical dictionaries for persons working within
the chemical industries and machine manufacturing industries.