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Nazi Party membership book
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei Mitgliedsbuch
Josefine Haslauer (née Zitterer)
1939 NSDAP Personal-Ausweis
allegiance to Adolf Hitler
NSDAP Membership ID
NSDAP dues stamps
This is a genuine Nazi Party Membership ID that belonged to Josefine Haslauer (née Zitterer on 18 March 1912). According to information in this bright red 48-page, 4 x 5-1/4 inch, 1939 edition Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei Mitgliedsbuch or Nazi Party Membership Book number 6238021, this pretty secretarial clerk from Annabichl (near Klagenfurt) joined the NSDAP on 1 May 1938, just a few weeks after the Anschluß. She received this Nazi Party membership book on 30 October 1941. The original photo in this NSDAP Mitgliedsbuch shows the striking 29 year old Josefine Haslauer neatly coiffed, wearing earrings and a lace blouse.
An interesting aspect about this NSDAP Membership ID is that on page 8 her married name is spelled Hasslauer (double SS) by a clerk in the Nazi Party membership office, but she signed her married name with only one S (Haslauer)! There are still people with the Zitterer and Haslauer family names in Klagenfurt today.
She swore allegiance to Adolf Hitler in Annabichl, Germany on 27 January 1942 in front of NSDAP Ortgruppenleiter Moritz according to an entry on page 11 of this Nazi Party membership book (the entry is shown in our photo on the right). The booklet contains NSDAP dues stamps for June 1940 through 1944.
In 1939, Nazi Party membership rose to 5.3 million in Greater Germany (out of about 80 million citizens) with over 80% of members being males. Today, one sees at least 75 to a 100 Nazi Party membership books for men for every one issued to a woman. It is also rare to find a Nazi party ID issued to a woman as young as Josefine Haslauer. She must have been an extremely committed National Socialist.

Complete and in very good condition.

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