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1943 Ronacher Theater program Wien


Ronacher Wien
This is an excellent and very rare example of a wartime variety theater program from the second biggest city in Greater Germany - Vienna. The Ronacher was a very old and well-known Viennese institution by the time of World War II and famous for the wide variety of sensational theater acts that played there. The place was a favorite of German Landsers on duty in the city and most of its seats were reserved for servicemen during the war.
The Ronacher Theater Wien continued its schedule in spite of heavy bombing, and the program we offer here has two paragraphs on the back side explaining what to do when the Fliegeralarm or air-raid alarm sounded and how to get to the bomb shelter.

Some of the acts playing at the Ronacher Theater when this program was current (1 - 31 July 1943) were the orchestra of Otto Rauscher, Marieluis Tichy (a singer with yodeling as her specialty), comedian Georg Lorenz, the Italian Quartett Allegro, the trapeze act 2 Novas, Croatian singer Nina Miler, Gloria & Splendit (an act with 2 dogs) and others.

Very good condition with very bright colors, was once folded.
This 1943 Nazi Ronacher variety show program is offered for sale
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