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Theory of Heredity - Racial Hygiene and Population Politics
This s a fine example of the 5 x 7-3/4 inch, 204 page, very heavily illustrated hard cover book Vererbungslehre - Rassenhygiene und Bevölkerungspolitik (Theory of Heredity - Racial Hygiene and Population Politics) by Professor Dr. Hermann Werner Siemens as published in 1940 by J.F. Lehmanns Verlag of München - Berlin.

The book contains about 90 photographs and illustrations and three charts to support the text. Prof. Dr. Siemens was a well-known and widely recognized professor at the State University of Leiden.

race mixing
Using the argument that allowing the uncontrolled inbreeding of the “least valuable” human beings or the breeding of “high value” human beings with “low value” humans would be certain to result in the same kind of disaster one would automatically expect if permitted in the breeding of livestock, the author builds his case using human twins, pigs, flies, etc. as examples.
Unchecked, Professor Siemens postulated in the book that the social burden of non-productive people in the year 2000 would be 12 non-workers or aid recipients for every 10 productive workers in Germany, an unsustainable ratio.
Racial Hygiene
Vererbungslehre  - Rassenhygiene und Bevölkerungspolitik
Healthy population
While this theory is popular in the academic community in the 21st century, this book is extremely important literature for those who wish to understand clinical concepts that were current in Third Reich Germany, Europe, and even in America in the 1930s and 1940s. This is one of the most important books on eugenics of the period.

Very good condition, with notoriously elusive original dust jacket.

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