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NSDAP Abstammungsnachweis, Polizei Meldezettel, DAF Mitgliedsbuch
NSDAP Abstammungsnachweis
The lot includes two rare NSDAP Ancestry Certificates (Abstammungsnachweis) issued to Wilhelm and Magdalena Hacker on 26 August 1938 in Wien by the Office of Racial Research of the NSDAP. The 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 inch certificates are proof they were "deutschblütig (arisch)" or of pure, Aryan German blood (words underlined in blue ink) AND certifies that they were NOT of Jewish or mixed Jewish ancestry (words struck through in blue ink).
 3. Reich Amt fuer Sippenforschung
Nazi aryan proof Wilhelm + Magdalena Hacker
The back side of Wilhelm Hacker's Abstammungsnachweis shows the ancestry of his father, mother and grandparents going as far back as 1819!  The back side of Magdalena Hacker's Abstammungsnachweis shows the ancestry of her father, mother and grandparents going as far back as 1810!

Some of the family names on these Nazi racial purity certificates include Tantzer, Maly, Feichtner, Bittner and Bauer.
1940 Polizei Meldezettel
The other two items in this Nazi document lot were issued to Wilhelm Hacker Jr., a Pharmacist Apprentice. Wilhelm Hacker's 4-1/8 x 6 inch, 16 page red hardcover Deutsche Arbeitsfront Mitgliedsbuch or DAF membership booklet shows he became a member of the Nazi Labor Front on 1 November 1938. He paid membership dues from November 1938 onward until November 1940 (we presume he was called up for military service as he turned 18 years old in 1940). Glued inside the front cover of Wilhelm Hacker's DAF Mitgliedsbuch is a Merkblatt, an information sheet with things DAF members had to remember when changing their occupation or address.


This Nazi document lot contains four items from the Hacker family living on Adolf Hitler Square 19 in Perchtoldsdorf, in the Vienna Woods on the outskirts of Vienna: Wilhelm and Magdalena Hacker, and their son Wilhelm Jr. 

Wilhelm Hacker Sr. was a salesman, born 2 March 1895 in Wien and he married his wife Magdalena (née Teschler on 4 March 1897) on 8 February 1921 in the local church in Perchtoldsdorf. Their son Wilhelm was born in Perchtoldsdorf on 10 September 1922.
There is also a Meldezettel, a two-sided Police Registration Form that measures 5-7/8 x 7-7/8 inches. It has a police stamp dated 2 July 1940. On the back are "Rules & Regulations" for registration at a different Polizeirevier (police station) after moving.

While a Third Reich DAF membership ID is a fairly common Nazi document, NSDAP aryan proof certificates are not. Neither are Third Reich police registration forms, and to find these documents belonging to one family is quite rare.

The documents offered on this USMBOOKS web page are 100% original to the Third Reich and are in nice used condition.

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