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This town of Mügeln Nazi era promotional photo book is **SOLD**
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National Socialist Muegeln
Mügeln 1935
Ehrenbürger or Honorary Citizen Adolf Hitler
Mügeln, between Leipzig and Dresden
In summer 1935 the town of Mügeln celebrated its third annual Heimatsfest or town festival and used the occasion to produce a beautiful 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 inch, 56 page soft cover book with the coat of arms of the city embossed on the cover. It was a town like a thousand others in Germany at that time, very happy that Nazi Führer und Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler had made Germany powerful again.

The people of Mügeln were so happy that they made Hitler an Ehrenbürger or Honorary Citizen and they renamed the Grimmaer Strasse Adolf-Hitler-Strasse.
The book has nearly no text but is filled with photographs and excellent captions. The first full-page photo is of Hitler, followed by smaller photos of the Reichsstatthalter of Sachsen (Saxony), Gauleiter und Parteigenosse Martin Mutschmann, the Kreisleiter, Bürgermeister, Ortsgruppenleiter der NSDAP, several Sturmführer of the SA, etc.
Wappen Muegeln
There are photos of the Sturm, the most conspicuous building of the town, Nazi formations like the Nazi Amtswalter Korps, the Hitler Youth / BdM group, the DAF group, the Stahlhelm group, the Reichskriegerbund group, the NS-Frauenschaft group, and even the Ortgruppen Funkstelle der NSDAP.

There is a picture of the local priest, the cemetery, the railway station, all of the school teachers (many wearing NSDAP pins), school classes, the local German Red Cross uniformed association, the fire department, the rifle club and even a children's gun club!
Nazi Amtswalter Korps
Nazi volunteer fire fighters
Kinder-Schützengruppe or children’s gun club
Also pictured are factories and businesses and their employees, the Standard gas station, the bank, local butcher, etc.

Mügeln's greatest fame or notoriety came considerably after this book was published and after the Third Reich when in 2007 several people from India were chased through the streets by a group the press identified as Neo-Nazis.
The book is an absolutely outstanding glimpse into the mindset, the layout, the traditions, the institutions and industry of an average small German town in Adolf Hitler's Germany.

Dozens of excellent photos, a rare book in nice used condition.



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