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This Nazi highway, Reichsautobahn and railway map of Austria is offered
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Adolf Hitler's Greater Germany
BZ-Karte der deutschen Ostmark
Deutsche Ostmark
Hitler made no secret of his intention to re-unify the independent country of Austria with the country of Germany as part of the overall creation of Grossdeutschland or Greater Germany (the German equivalent of "Great" Britain). In the early part of 1938, Hitler offered Austrians the opportunity to become a part of Germany and in a plebiscite in which virtually all Austrians voted, 97% agreed with Hitler and the Anschluss or reunification became a part of European history.

With reunification, many things changed because Austria was quite a backward country compared to Germany. In half the country traffic kept to the right, while in the other half traffic kept to the left. Quite a challenge along the border between the two traffic zones! Austria was quickly brought up to date as it was incorporated into Germany, with German currency, German road signs and German institutions.
Few maps from the period survive, but this is one of the best large-scale travel maps of Deutsche Ostmark, the former Austria. It measures 28 x 42 inches and contains all highways and principal roads, the layouts for the Reichsautobahn, railway lines and special maps of important cities and towns. A special section in the upper left also shows the shape of Germany with the Deutsche Ostmark added to it.
The map is in nice used condition but has had its folds scotch taped from the backside to prevent it from tearing.



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