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M1940 Nazi Luftschutz helmet
Nazi LUFTSCHUTZ helmet
Nazi helmet - LUFTSCHUTZ
The helmet is original as delivered: the liner band, chin strap and buckle, and the cork pieces are all original to the Third Reich, only the leather portion of the liner that touches the wearer's head is not original. It was replaced somewhere along the line because the original leather liners in these air-raid defense helmets were made of notoriously poor quality leather. This liner is nice and sturdy and the helmet fits about an American size 7 head.
Everything that would show if the helmet was in use is original to the Third Reich and in very good, used condition.
Quist  Esslingen
Nazi contract number T473
Luftschutz helmet
Nazi RLB helmet
nazi steel helmet
This is an original M1940 Nazi Reichsluftschutz helmet as manufactured by Quist in Esslingen on contract number T473. The shell still retains about 98% of its original paint and its original decal and its stamped inside the back flair with the contract number T473 and inside the left side flair with Q62 for Quist and size 62 shell.
This Nazi M1940 Luftschutz helmet is **SOLD**
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WITH 98%

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