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Nazi Arbeitsbuch
DAF Mitgliedsbuch
DAF Beitrage


These two Nazi documents were issued to Johann Hammerlindl, born 27 April 1907 in Wien. He was an unmarried, trained car mechanic in Vienna with a Class 2, 3 and 4 drivers license.
The 38-page 2nd style Arbeitsbuch was issued on 3 April 1939 in Wien (the second largest city in Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany). It shows that Hammerlindl had been employed as a car mechanic at the same company since August 1924. Interestingly, this Nazi Arbeitsbuch was never officially closed.

The red Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF or German Labor Front) membership ID shows Johann Hammerlindl had been a member of the DAF since 1 June 1938, shortly after the Anschluss, the reunification of Austria with Nazi Germany. The Mitgliedsbuch has written entries and embossed orange dues stamps showing he paid his obligatory Beitrage since mid 1939 thru July 1944.

Inside the front cover is the original Merkblatt, the additional information insert with 'dos and don'ts' for DAF members.

Both documents are in very good, hardly used condition.


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