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3. Reich Arbeitsbuch Johann Hammerlindl
3. Reich DAF Mitgliedsbuch Johann Hammerlindl
1938 Führerschein Wien
The Nazi documents in this grouping were issued to Johann (Hans) Hammerlindl, born 27 April 1907 in Wien. He was a trained car mechanic in Vienna when the Third Reich labor IDs were issued with a Class 2, 3 and 4 drivers license. The leinen Führerschein (oil cloth driving permit) was issued on 14 December 1938 and still has the original ID photo.
DAF contribution stamps
The 2nd style Arbeitsbuch was issued on 3 April 1939 in Wien (the second largest city in Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany). It shows that Hammerlindl had been employed as a car mechanic at the same company , Smoliner & Kraty, since August 1924. Interestingly, this Nazi Arbeitsbuch was never officially closed. In very good, hardly used condition.

The red Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF or German Labor Front) membership ID shows Johann Hammerlindl had been a member of the DAF since 1 June 1938, shortly after the Anschluss, the reunification of Austria with Nazi Germany. The Mitgliedsbuch has written entries and embossed orange dues stamps showing he paid his obligatory Beitrage since mid 1939 thru July 1944 (even while he was serving in the Wehrmacht). Inside the front cover is the original Merkblatt, the additional information insert with 'dos and don'ts' for DAF members. His 3-¼ x 4-¾ inch orange DAF Ausweiskarte is also part of this grouping.   Both DAF documents are in very good, hardly used condition.
War Merit Cross, Cold Meat Medal
Hammerlindl served in the Wehrmacht from 1940 through 1945. He did not save his Soldbuch, only 12 pages of it. From these pages we learned the Soldbuch was issued on 25 May 1940 by the 2nd Schütz-Ersatz-Bataillon 2 and that he was a mechanic in the Wehrmacht as well, part of the time in the Panzer-Grenadier Regiment 2.  Page 22 shows that on 27 March 1942 he was awarded the Kriegsverdienstkreuz, the War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords) and on 26 May 1942 the Winterschlacht im Osten 1941/42 Medaille (the Ostmedaille or 'Cold Meat Medal').
He was treated in Nazi field hospitals several times, for example from mid-February to mid-March 1942 for pneumonia. Page 21 of his Soldbuch shows furlough entries as well as the notation that he received his Fronturlauberpaket Führergeschenk on 12 March 1944, special rations for people on leave from the front.
This document lot also includes a copy of Hammerlindl's Heiratsurkunde or Marriage Certificate. It shows that on 14 August 1943 he married postal employee Theresia Maria Neppl in Vienna. Two days before his wedding he had a medical check-up at the Rennweg Kaserne in Wien and he was considered Ehetauglich, 'fit for marriage', meaning he did not have a venereal disease. This A4 size certificate bears the stamp of the Truppenarzt of Panzer-Aufklärungs-Ersatz- und Ausbau Abteilung 2.  There are also two examples of a WW2 Marschbefehl, marching orders dated 15 March 1945 and 20 March 1945.

This document grouping also includes an Austrian passport issued to Hammerlindl on 10 August 1929. It was valid until 9 August 1931 and he used it on 28 August 1930 to travel to Yugoslavia. His post-war identity card was issued by the Vienna Police on 22 September 1947, shows he was a transport worker. This ID dates to the time Vienna, like Berlin, was run by four Allied Powers. It is filled out in four languages, German, english, Russian and French.


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