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1937 Pariser Salon
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 Motor Schau magazine, click HERE.
Motor Schau November 1937
Peugeot Special Sport; 1937 Pariser Salon
Nazi Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels 40th birthday portrait
General der Flieger Milch, Generalmajor Udet
1937 International Aviation Exhibition in Milan
Heinkel He 112
Rudolf Caracciola Mercedes-Benz racer
Nazi test grounds Wünsdorf
1937 Army & Navy Cross-Country Championships near Wünsdorf
Nazi motorcyclist with map case
Reichsautobahn in Bussing-NAG advertising 1937
Motor Schau was a big, oversized 10 x 13-3/4 inch glossy, heavily illustrated trade and consumer magazine which concentrated on every aspect of the "motor business" not only in Germany, but around the world. Its emphasis was Germany and German equipment and every big issue was packed with features, news and advertising related to the motor trades. Unlike the other German motoring magazines, every issue of Motor Schau had a striking full-color industry related cover and usually plenty of color inside. 
This is a fine, complete example of the superb oversized Third Reich magazine Motor Schau for November 1937 featuring a cover picture of the Grand Palais in Paris, venue for the 1937 Paris Auto Show which is the main focus of this magazine. All photo captions in this November 1937 issue of Motor Schau are in English, French, Spanish and German.

Published by Hitler's friend Jakob Werlin and Motorschau Verlag in Berlin, this big 10-1/8 x 14 inch, 84 page photo-packed issue contains articles on: the 1937 Paris Auto Show (1937 Pariser Salon), Oil - a Necessity for the Economy, the 1937 International Aviation Exhibition in Milan, the 3-Day Army & Navy Cross-Country Championships near Wünsdorf, Jakob Werlin and his Experiences at the London Auto Show, the NSKK Rally through Yugoslavia-Bulgaria, German Auto Pioneer Dr. Karl Benz, Touring the Rhine and Mosel, as well as short stories and automobile and aviation news from the foreign press
Junkers Ju 86 K
NSKK Rally through Yugoslavia-Bulgaria
Ayto-Union Nazi freeway ad

For sale on this USMBOOKS webpage is the
rare November 1937 issue of Motor Schau.

There are ads for Mercedes-Benz, Ford V8, BP, Vomag, Junkers Ju90, Henschel, Heinkel, Büssing-NAG, Auto-Union, Esso, Dornier Do17, Bayrische Flugzeugwerk, Arado, NSU, Ardie, Zündapp, and many other Third Reich military and civilian vehicle, weapon, aircraft, bus and related manufacturing companies.
Lots of superb color and black & white images. A previous owner taped the spine but this 79 year old magazine is complete and in very good condition. No odor.
There is NO BETTER NAZI ERA PHOTO MAGAZINE on subjects related to cars, trucks,
motorcycles, busses, boats, halftracks, tanks and aircraft than Motor Schau.

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This rare November 1937 issue of Motorschau is **SOLD**
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