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RDK swastika honor prize medallion
A beautiful white porcelain Nazi award given to the best of show entrant of the
Reichsverband deutscher Kleintierzüchter or State Association of German
Small Animal Breeders exhibition, featuring a high-relief swastika.
original framed silver Third Reich Hitler relief
Framed original Nazi era relief of the right side of Hitler’s face with facsimile
Hitler signature, in silver and still with Third Reich cleaning instructins attached
Adolf Hitler wall plaque
A genuine Third Reich Adolf Hitler wall plaque commemorating the
service in the Deutsches Jungvolk by Gerhart Jungbluth.
SS ring
TWO different questionable Nazi style rings, an Alles für Deutschland
SA ring and an old 925 silver SS style skull ring with H. Himmler signature.
Imperial German Iron Cross picture frame
A very well-made absolutely authentic Imperial German cast iron picture frame manufactured in the shape of an Iron Cross with a wreath of deep relief laurel and oak leaves.
Nazi cigar box Helbrunetten
Original Third Reich wooden cigar box that once held Helbrunetten Zigarren produced by the Aryanized company Helbrunna, with the embossed eagle and swastika Nazi tax stamp.
An original Third Reich Zinnteller or pewter souvenir plate from
Nürnberg, City of the Nazi Party Days.
German combat trench art souvenir
A combat trench art souvenir - a German shell fragment made into a letter opener.
A genuine cast aluminum grave marker for a young
Italian Marinesoldat who died for Germany in 1943.
700 Jahre Berlin
Three original Third Reich souvenirs from the 1937,
the 700th anniversary of Berlin, capital of Nazi Germany.
Wellner Elf
Very rare original Third Reich silver metal Wellner Elf retail store silverware display.
Wehrmacht Funkstelle
An absolutely genuine metal Third Reich Ehrenpreis or honor awardwith a heavy
relief image of a Wehrmacht Funker or radio operation somewhere in the field.
Swastika die
A metal die for embossing or printing a 7 mm square swastika.
A superb leather wallet from ALA, the Nazi's own, and Germany's
largest advertising agency - with telephone directory
Nazi beer stein
Commemorative Nazi beer Stein presented to
someone who worked on Nazi freeway construction.
Mementos from the Führer Haus on the Obersalzberg outside Berchtesgaden.
4 Original Third Reich Wellner alpaca forks.