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Nazi Iron Cross AUTO UNION
Illustrirte Zeitung Leipzig
The Leipziger Illustrirte (also written Jillustrirte) Zeitung or just Illustrirte Zeitung was published weekly in Leipzig, Germany for a very long time before there ever was a Nazi. It prided itself on its liberal use of big photographs and art, and considered itself "Germany's Illustrated Magazine with the International View." It was the semi-official record of what went on in the Foreign Service and at the highest echelon of German government.
Nazi nude
The big 11 x 15 inch magazine typically ran 32 pages and carried multi-page heavily photographic features that other magazines could not match.
The Sonderausgabe or special December 1944 issue of the Illustrirte Zeitung we offer here is particularly rare in that it is entirely devoted to the new European man and woman as envisaged by the Nazis. It contains 186 big, 11 x 15 inch pages of editorial and advertising content, many of which are in full-color.
Deutsches Reich
Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau

The introduction is a quote from Adolf Hitler himself and separate articles examine subjects like "What is Man?", the Oldest Arts, the European Face, the Collective Inheritance of Europeans, the Body of European Art (with a number of tipped-in color prints), the German Voice in Europe, German Ironwork (from medieval armor to iron chests), Werner Siemens, etc. A couple of color prints are two-page fold-outs.

Heroic Nazi nude
4711 Cologne
Deutsche Soldaten

The advertising content is superb featuring ads by Merck, BMW, Semperit, Mercedes-Benz, AEG, Commerzbank, Osram, Dehag, Von Heyden, Argus, MAN, Bayer, Auto Union, Ford, Focke-Wulf, Messerschmitt, Henschel, Friedrich Krupp, Arado, Preussag, Dresdner Bank, Telefunken, 4711 Cologne, Perutz Film, Kienzle, Dralle, Blaupunkt, UHU, Mauser, AW Faber, Pelikan, Efasit, Deutsche Farbfilme, Der Deutsche Kulturfilm, Senking, Mimosa, Borgward, Hanomag, Auer, Röhm & Haas, MotoMeter, Rieker, Stabilo, Dujardin, Lanz, etc.


The spine of the magazine has been scotch taped. All in all we would rate this issue as being complete and in nice general condition.

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