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Hanna Reitsch, Fliegen - Mein Leben
Hanna Reitsch autobiography
Militaerfliegerabzeichen, EKII
Feldmarschall Ritter von Greim
Me 328, Do-217
Hanna Reitsch, Iron Cross 2nd Class
flying a Focke-Wulf helicopter inside the Deutschlandhalle
Nazi test pilot
Nazi rocket
This is a hard-to-find fifth edition example of the highly acclaimed German book Fliegen Mein Leben (Flying Is My Life) by Hanna Reitsch, a blue linen hard cover book with its original dust jacket. The 312 pages cover the youth, education and flying career of Germany's most famous female aviator who was awarded the Iron Cross Second Class by Adolf Hitler, until after the Nazi capitulation in 1945.

In the introduction Reitsch explains the reason for writing the book. After the end of the war so much had been written and speculated about her - she wanted to set the record straight about her youth, her love of flying, and meetings with famous people during the Third Reich.

Chapters cover her life growing up, her medical studies, learning to fly, flight research expeditions in South America and Africa, research work for German World War I Ace and Luftwaffe General Ernst Udet, testing helicopters, representing Ernst Udet at the International Air Races in the USA, receiving the Goldene Militärfliegerabzeichen from Nazi Aviation Minister Hermann Göring and the EKII from Hitler at the Reichschancellery in March 1941, conversations with Göring, Himmler and Hitler, Me163, the last six months of the war and capitulation, American captivity, etc.

There are rare photos of her father and mother, her flying mentor Wolf Hirth, Reitsch flying sailplanes, Ernst Udet, flying a Focke-Wulf helicopter inside the Deutschlandhalle in 1938, the Do-17, Me163 and Me163B, pilot and Field Marshal Robert Ritter von Greim, He 111, a Me 328 on top of a Do-217, and several of the flyable V1.

Published by Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt in Stuttgart in 1952, this 5-¼ x 8-¼ inch hardcover German book is in fine condition. The original dust jacket has been taped in several places to preserve it. No odor.

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