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1943 Nazi Technical Dictionaries
German-Russian dictionary
1943 NAZI
This is an excellent pair of original German-Russian technical dictionaries for persons working within the chemical industries and machine manufacturing industries. The 5-1/4 x 6-3/4 inch, 80+ page dictionaries are in near-new condition.
German-Russian technical dictionary
Each begins with an overview of Russian pronunciation and the Russian alphabet. Then come pronunciations of the numbers and general phrases used in every day communication. There are then about ten pages of specific industry terms and phrases followed by a word dictionary of about 60 pages.
Nazi dictionary
All entries are shown first in German, then in written Russian, and finally they are written so that any German speaker could pronounce the Russian version.

Both books were published in 1943 for use in Russia and for use in German industries utilizing Russian labor by Junker & Dünnhaupt Verlag in Berlin.

In excellent condition.

These Nazi technical dictionaries is offered for sale for $75.00
delivered to any address in the United States of America.
We are happy to ship abroad at additional cost. Please inquire.
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