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Nazi Vierjahresplan
swastika flags
Wehrmacht materiel
WHW Eintopf event
3. Reich Ehrentempel Muenchen
Muenchen Hauptstadt der Bewegung
Nazi Zeppelin
Hitler with a Nazi racecar model
Hitler and the SS
Heinrich Hoffmann photo
WHW Nazi charity collection
House of German Art Munich
Hitler and
Hitler, Von Schirach, Goebbels
Nazi martyr monument at the Feldherrnhalle in Munich
Hitler at the Berghof
When Adolf Hitler was elected to power in Germany in 1933, he asked the German people to give him four years to turn the economy around in Nazi Germany. In 1937, the exhibition called Gebt mir Vier Jahre Zeit (Give Me Four Years Time) took place in Berlin between 30 April - 20 June, and offered for sale on this USMBOOKS web page is the heavily illustrated official exhibition catalog from that Ausstellung.
The 8 x 8 inch, 128 page exhibition catalog has a foreword by the patron of the exhibition, Nazi Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels and showcases all the National Socialist achievements of the previous four years, in chronological order and with many rare photos. Hitler is shown from the earliest days campaigning, voting, with cabinet members Goering, Hess and Goebbels, with members of the Hitler Youth, SS, the Wehrmacht and RAD, during the Nazi Party Days in Nuremberg, with Hindenburg, during rallies and speeches, visiting factories, at the Berghof, with Benito Mussolini, studying the model of a German race car, at the Olympic Games in Berlin, at the Nazi martyr monument at the Feldherrnhalle in Munich, etc. Many of the photographs are credited to Heinrich Hoffmann.
There are also photos of new houses built for average German citizens, WHW charity collections, new Kriegsmarine submarines and ships, modern Luftwaffe airplanes, a Zeppelin, tanks, Reichsautobahn construction, KdF vacations, etc., etc.
This original 70 year old Third Reich exhibition catalog also contains a map of the exhibition grounds (Ausstellungsgelände am Funkturm in Berlin), the twelve founding principles of the NSDAP, and an alphabetic list of all the exhibitors. It is complete and in very good used condition. Superb photo content!
Gebt mir Vier Jahre Zeit Ausstellung Berlin 1937

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This original 1937 Third Reich exhibition catalog is **SOLD**
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30 APRIL - 20 JUNE 1937

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