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Nazi Party Day Grounds Nuremberg
By 1940 there were many well-known architects in Germany like Albert Speer, Hermann Giesler, Paul Ludwig Troost, Ludwig Ruff, Wilhelm Kreis, Konrad Dammeier, Hugo Röttcher, Ernst Sagebiel, Werner March, Peter Koller, Hans Malwitz, Wolfgang Binder, Fritz Tamms, Paul Bonatz, Hans Freese, and others. They had created architectural wonders unimaginable in any country other than the Third Reich Germany of Adolf Hitler.
The Generalbauinspektor (General Building Inspector) for the Reichshauptstadt (Capital of the Nation), Professor Albert Speer, ordered the publication of a book on those architectural creations as well as sculptures by Kurt Schmid-Ehmen and Arno Breker. Rudolf Wolters assembled such a book. It was called Neue Deutsche Baukunst (The New German Art of Building), Speer wrote the introduction for it and it was first published by Volk und Reich Verlag in Berlin in 1940. 
The book we offer here is a very good used example of the Wolters book from the 1941 edition. The 9-1/4 x 12-1/4 inch, hardcover book has only nine pages of text followed by 96 pages of big, incredibly detailed photographs of the best architectural work done in Germany to that time.
Subjects include Berlin’s new Tempelhof Airport, the 1936 Olympic Stadium, Hitler’s Office, the New Reichschancellery, Ordensburg Sonthofen, Reichsautobahn Bridges, the New Berlin, the City of the Hermann Göring Werke, KdF Ship “Robert Ley, an Officer Kasino of the Luftwaffe, the Oberkommando des Heeres Headquarters, the Freikorps Monument, Adolf Hitler Square in Dresden, NSDAP High School Chiemsee, Unter Den Linden, the German Stadium in Nürnberg, the House of German Art in München (Munich), monumental eagles and statues, etc.
This 75 year old hardcover example of Neue deutsche Baukunst is complete and in very nice used condition.   Minimal cover discoloration is clearly visible on our photo at the top of this USMBOOKS webpage. 

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Neue deutsche Baukunst
Albert Speer
Nazi eagle and swastika
Hitler's office in Munich
Hitler's office in the Reichschancellery in Berlin
Reichskanzlei Ehrenhof
1937 Paris Exposition - German Pavillion
Nazi Ordensburg
Reichsparteitaggelaende Haupttribune
Nazi Ehrentempel München
Nazi architecture model
This 1941 hardcover Nazi architecture book Neue Deutsche Baukunst is
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SS Museum Wewelsburg
The reference photo above, shows this book at the
SS Museum in Reichsführer-SS Himmler's
Wewelsburg Castle in November 2016.



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