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Freimaurer-Pest (Masonic Plague)

Freimaurer • Aufrührer • Juden... (Freemasons, Agitators, Jews...) was a special publication of the magazine Der Aufbau (The Building Up). 

Nazi anti-freemason book
anti-Jewish Nazi material
Der Aufbau was published by the NS-HAGO or Nationalsozialistische Handwerks-, Handels-, und Gewerbeorganisation (National Socialist Handwork, Trade and Marketing Organization) of the DAF (Deutsche Arbeitsfront or the German Labor Front of Dr. Robert Ley) and was the organization in Nazi Germany responsible for all matters related to commerce.
This special heavily illustrated undated booklet was published to educate the people of Hitler's Germany about the dangers of Freemasonry and its Jewish members and methodology. It explains that Judaism and Freemasonry have the same foundations, and both threaten National Socialist Germany and its people.

In the back of Freimaurer • Aufrührer • Juden... there is advertising for other anti-Semitic and anti-freemason publications of Der Aufbau

This absolutely original 5-7/8 x 8-1/4 inch, 32-page undated Nazi publication is in very good condition. NOT a reprint!

IMPORTANT!  Freimaurer • Aufrührer • Juden... (Freemasons, Agitators, Jews...) is an extremely rare anti-Jewish book of the most direct sort imaginable, printed in a very small edition in Nazi Germany. It is an obscure historical Third Reich document of a kind that is virtually impossible to acquire today anywhere. If you are easily upset by historical anti-Semitism, please read no further, and return to the previous USMBOOKS web page.

The book points out that everywhere there are Jews and Freemasons, they create unrest and instability, and therefore Jews and Freemasons must not be tolerated. They are too dangerous for Germany society. Page 345 of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf is quoted as proof of the danger of Jews and Freemasons.

The photographic content of this booklet is especially gruesome, with plenty of skeletons, Masonic Temple interiors, symbols, trappings, coffins, skulls, Moses tablets, crowns, candelabra, insects, arks, medals, aprons, charts, etc.
About Dr. Robert Ley:
Few people are aware of it, but Dr. Ley was the genius behind most of the organization of the Nazi Party. As Reichs Organization Leader (a cabinet level post) he was responsible for the publication of the Organisationsbuch der NSDAP which outlined how every Nazi paramilitary unit from the SS to the Hitler Youth was organized, what uniforms they wore and what their mission was.  Dr. Robert Ley, Reichsorganisationsleiter and DAF Reichsleiter, was the man who established the Ordensburgen, made the Volkswagen and developed countless building projects throughout the Greater German Reich, from the time of his service in World War I through May 1945.

Der Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF or German Labor Front) was the principal Nazi organization under direct control Dr. Robert Ley. He was the organizer of the annual Reichsparteitag in Nürnberg. He published Der Schulungsbrief (The Party Directive) magazine and wrote part of the text of the Nazi Party member book Ich Kämpfe. Dr. Ley was one of the principal figures of the Nazi Party and an early NSDAP cabinet member in 1933. He was a World War I veteran, an old friend of Adolf Hitler and his degree was in the field of chemistry.

As Reichsleiter of the DAF Dr. Ley built the Ordensburg Castles at Vogelsang, Crössensee and Sonthofen. He built the towns and factories that produced everything from Volkswagens to tanks, and airplanes to ships and plywood. He oversaw every laborer that worked on the Reichsautobahn or elsewhere in Nazi Germany.

On 16 May 1945, Dr. Robert Ley was arrested at his villa in Berchtesgaden by American troops. On 25 October 1945, four days after being indicted at the Nürnberg War Crimes Trials, he committed suicide in his prison cell by hanging himself, thus cheating the Allies out of the chance to try the most anti-Semitic man in Germany. Much of the genius of Dr. Ley was never exposed as he was never put on trial or found responsible for the institutionalized anti-Semitism in Germany. Ley's work as Reichsorganisationsleiter was overshadowed by the high profile war work of Albert Speer who was not hung at Nürnberg, and thus survived the war to become his own best publicist.

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