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Adolf Hitler in Nuremberg, 1938
Der Zweite Weltkrieg im Bild, Dr. Franz Burda
Hitler, Goering, Reichstag
This is a fine German two-book set called Der Zweite Weltkrieg im Bild (The Second World War in Pictures) published in 1952 by the publishing house of Dr. Franz Burda in Offenburg.

In the foreword by the publisher states these books were not meant to be a historical book about World War II. Rather, the photos were to show the unfortunate and disastrous war years, and to make readers aware of the terrible sides of war, and how useless it all turned out to be when it ended.
Nazi soldiers, Nazi field gear
WW2 executions
Me 262
Both 62 year old, 8-¾ x 11-¾ inch hardcover books have a red linen hard cover with gold blocking on the front cover and spine, and both are complete and in very good used condition. The dust jackets are original but show wear.
Totenkopf cap
The photos in these two books are not half-toned in the regular way (with dot pattern), but are printed by a method called rotogravure which produces something that looks a lot more like a photo. Many of the photos (German war photos and photos taken by the Allies) were never published before and none were sanitized, again so readers would be confronted with every horrifying aspect of World War II.
Wehrmacht in Paris 1940
V1, V2, Vergeltungswaffen
British POWs
captured US Sherman tank
Reichshauptstadt Berlin
The two books are:
Band I von Nürnberg bis Stalingrad (Volume I, from Nuremberg to Stalingrad), 272 pages, with original dust jacket. Photos in this book start with the 1938 Nazi Party Days in Nuremberg, the victorious battles in Poland and on the west front in 1940, U-Boot battle at Scapa Flow, air victories over England, Pearl Harbor, the war in the Balkans to the first defeat on the east front.

Band II von Stalingrad bis Nürnberg (Volume II, from Stalingrad to Nuremberg), 272 pages, with original dust jacket. Pictures of the Total War from American and English sources about Nazi submarine defeat, Allied air raids on German cities, the Red Army in east Prussia, Silesia and Pomerania, the battle for Berlin all the way to the Nuernberg Trials. Volume II had a comprehensive Index for both books as well as photo credits.

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