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drop-winged DRK Nazi eagle and swastika
DRK Hewer with Scabbard and Frog, DRK Hauer
tsches Rotes Kreuz Hauer
Third Reich Nazi German Red Cross hewer
DRK Hauer
This is just such an edged weapon: an original Third Reich Nazi German Red Cross hewer (or Hauer in German), complete and in fine, little used condition. It is properly marked on the nearly flawless blade under the back side cross guard GES. GESCHÜTZT for 'Protected by Law' (patented).
DRK sawtooth edge hewer
The blade has never been sharpened, cleaned, modified or polished. The metal pieces of the handle are very well-made of plated metal and are in excellent condition. The russet leather spacer between the hilt and blade is in excellent condition. The saw teeth on the blade are as sharp as when they left the factory. The black bakelite handles are not cracked or chipped; the front one is checkered and the back one is smooth. The two are held in place by their original slotted screws and nuts.
The black painted scabbard and its D 39 marked frog are original to the hewer. The scabbard is undented, has a very high percentage of its original black paint and has not had either the tip or the throat polished or refinished. The scabbard paint is crazed horizontally and the plated scabbard tip has a few darkened spots that would probably clean up nicely if desired.
During the Third Reich the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK or German Red Cross) was largely a volunteer organization under control of the Reichs Ministry of the Interior. The lower ranks were unpaid volunteers, but the leaders of the organization were full-time paid and uniformed employees.
The Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Hauer was designed as an attractive but useful tool intended to help Red Cross personnel in the performance of their duties in the field, and one that unlike a pointed dagger, could not be viewed as a "weapon" because the International Red Cross prohibited the issue of weapons to those working under their supervision.
The German Red Cross hewer was authorized for wear in 1938 and discontinued in 1940.

A very nice Red Cross hewer that has never been messed with or exhibited at a big militaria show, that would easily cost you a couple hundred dollars more on one of the big name dagger websites.
We don't often offer German edged weapons on the USMBOOKS website as the field is absolutely filled with weapons that have been assembled from parts, repainted and repaired, cleaned and polished or are flat-out reproductions. Because of our background in museum work we are interested only in edged weapons that are authentic to the Third Reich period, have all their original parts and are in very good or better condition BUT still show their 70+ years of age in a proper way.
DRK hewer

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This genuine Nazi Red Cross hewer with its original scabbard and frog is
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