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Werner Moelders, Adolf Galland
AO eagle and swastika
1942 Jahrbuch der Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP I + II
1942 Jahrbuch der Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP I + II
RF-SS heinrich Himmler
Wehrmacht motorcycle and BdM girl
BdM girls at the onion harvest
Deutsche Reichspost
Focke-Wulf CONDOR Fw 200
Kriegsmarine binoculars
14 year old Iron Cross winner
As most collectors are aware, during the Third Reich the country of Germany was divided into 42 Gaue or administrative districts, each headed by a Gauleiter. Many don't know that there was a 43rd Gau - GERMANS LIVING ABROAD - under the watchful eye of the Auslands-Organisations der NSDAP or AO and its Gauleiter Ernst Wilhelm Bohle. The organization was created by Adolf Hitler to spread the Nazi gospel to and through foreign Germans and ethnic Germans living anywhere in the world outside Grossdeutschland, as well as Nazi Party members working at sea who spent more than 6 months per year away from Germany. Its headquarters was in the city of Stuttgart which was officially called die Stadt der Auslanddeutschen or "City of Germans from Abroad" during the Third Reich.
Each year the Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP published two yearbooks: Volume I covering all aspects of the mission of the organization except ocean commerce, and Volume II covering matters concerning the German Merchant Navy.
Nazi swastika flag
Kriegsmarine mail delivery
Mercedes-Benz advertising 1942
Offered on this USMBOOKS web page are very nice 6 x 8-¼ inch hardcover examples of the Jahrbuch der Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP 1942 Volume I and Volume II. The very rare 6 x 8-1/2 inch, 448 page, heavily illustrated hard cover books examine matters related to German commerce, culture, colonies, education, celebrations, congresses, economics, technology, Autobahn, youth, film, art, manufacturing, and Germanic populations outside Grossdeutschland, or Adolf Hitler's Greater Germany
After a foreword by AO Gauleiter Bohle, the books are filled with stories, data and photographs of important people and events. These books contain heavily illustrated articles Wehrmacht logistics, the AO in Norway during wartime, Germans in Slovakia, the Frauenschaft department of the AO, the Hitler Youth in the second year of the war, the German War Industry, the participation of the Luftwaffe in the war, prisoners of war, German Destiny in Spain, the German sailor as representative of the German Nation, the war in the East, social work by the AO, the port city of Danzig, the Kriegsmarine in action, Nazi navy submarines and destroyers, the NSV-AO, Kriegsmarine Iron Cross recipients, geopolitical examination of the war at sea, Hitler-Mussolini state visits, etc.
These two 1942 AO yearbooks contain many, many pages of excellent illustrated advertising from German firms such as Reichswerke Hermann Göring, IG Farben, Hanomag, Mercedes-Benz, Krupp, Henschel, Focke-Wulf, Bayer, Deutsche Reichspost, Zeiss, Mauser, Agfa, Zündapp, Opel, Continental tires and typewriters, Bernstein, Osram, Pelikan, Ford Motor Company, Auto-Union, Fleurop, etc The advertisers are all carefully indexed.
The photo content in these books is wonderful and the majority of the pictures are not found in other Third Reich books. 

Both 1942 hardcover Jahrbuch der Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP I and II are complete and in nice used used condition. There is wear to the corners of the covers but the interior pages are in very nice condition. No offensive odor.

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