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1940 Nazi Map


This is a terrific 1940 dated multi-color German map of all of western Europe. It covers the entire area from the most northwesterly tip of Spain north to Bergen, Norway and southeast to Milan, Italy.

Of course, that area includes the British Isles, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Denmark as well as a huge chunk of Germany. By accident or by intent this turned out to be the PERFECT MAP for the German invasion and bombardment of these countries in the spring of 1940.
Third Reich map
Officially, this is the List & Von Bressensdorf (Leipzig) map number 013 which is large enough (34 x 42 inches) to show the defenses around even small French cities like Grenoble and Epinal. It also shows the French Maginot Line very accurately and in substantial detail.

It shows the German Westwall (what many Americans call the “Siegfried Line”) as far deeper and more impressive than it actually was. The German minefields in the Northsea and the British barricade of the Straits of Calais (English Channel) are outlined in red.
Großdeutschland map
Germany is shown in detail as far east as a north-east / south-west line from Rostock through Magdeburg to Weimar and Nürnberg. It is a great map of the Normandy invasion area as well!

Someone laminated this historic map to preserve it and it is well-preserved. A subsequent owner very carefully removed two 1-1/4 inch German military ownership stamps on the map without making holes or damaging the map. One of these can be seen near the bottom of the first scan above. The map is taped vertically through the center.
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This large Third Reich map is **SOLD**.
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