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Also for sale on, the 1940 Nazi 'War and Art' book
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This heavily illustrated Nazi War Artist book from 1942 is **SOLD**
USM book #361
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Kanter-Verlag of Königsberg was a company that published small but concise guidebooks on the subjects of art and architecture. They published volumes on Adolf Hitler's Reichschancellery in Berlin, the work of sculptor Arno Breker, the painter Rubens, Rembrandt, Albrecht Dürer, etc.
This publication is called Kriegszeichner or "War Illustrators", measures 4-5/8 x 6-1/4 inches and contains 60 full-page illustrations with title and name of the artist on each page.

The Stosstrupp illustration on the cover is by Rudolf Lipus and the selection of "War Art" in this book was by Dr. Robert von Wahlert, who also wrote the short introduction.

Nazi war art - 1942
Nazi Kriegszeicher
Wehrmcaht house to house fighting
Nazi Army motorcycle
Luftwaffe pilots
Dornier Nazi airplane
Nazi uniform
Nazi Cavalry in the East

The striking illustrations show Kriegsmarine submarines and sailors, motorized and Flak Wehrmacht troops, Luftwaffe airplanes such as the Ju 88 and Do 18, Nazi tanks, wounded comrades and Russian POWs, Elizabeth Castle on the island of Jersey, a Nazi doctor in heavy polar gear, Luftwaffe pilots and the Nazi Air Force in action, battle scenes from Belgium, Poland, the Balkans, etc., etc.

The paper and printing quality is excellent. Complete and in good used condition.



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