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Walther Selbstlade-Pistolen
Walther PPK 7,65 mm cut-away-view
Walther PP, Walther PPK
Walther Modell PP und PPK Prospekt
Walther pistol instructions
Walther PP PPK luxury edition
We didn't find a date on the brochure but the imprint on the back cover says Carl Walther Sportwaffenfabrik Ulm/Donau and shows a picture of a very 1950-ish building.

Very good little-used condition.
Walther pistol shooting instructions
Walther PP Sportpistole
This is a genuine example of an old 4-½ x 6-½ inch heavily illustrated German 24-page Walther PP and Walther PPK Selbstlade-Pistolen (Self-Loading or Automatic Pistol) manual that came in the box with a pistol sold to the German police years ago.
The manual is printed in silver-blue and black & white and depicts both guns and their magazines, explains how the gun works and what bullet size it is available in, shows a cut-away view of the entire pistol, explains how to load the magazines, cock the gun and fire it, how to dis-assemble it and re-assemble it, etc.

Two pages both show and list all the parts for both pistols and then there is a section which shows the engraved gold-plated versions (shown above), the cleaning kit, the holster and the sports pistol PP Sport. There is also a illustrated parts list for that pistol.

Have a look at the 100% original 1938 Carl Walther Waffenfabrik
PP and PPK four-fold full-color catalog
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This old Walther PP & PPK police pistol manual is offered for sale
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