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Aus Wald und Flur
German flora
This is a nice 9-1/4 x 12-1/4 inch, 128 page Cigaretten Bilderdienst cigarette card album from 1937 that is subtitled “Plants of Our Homeland”. This huge book is complete and contains all 175 full-color 4-3/4 x 6-3/4 inch and 3-1/8 x 4-3/4 inch cards correctly attached in the appropriate spaces throughout the text.
Third Reich German plants
This book is a marvelous, meticulous reference of the trees, flowers and shrubs of Germany, not only during the Third Reich, but even today. The pictures are especially artistic, lifelike and detailed and of course, most of the German plants can be found in North America as well.
Cigaretten Bilderdienst
Aus Wald und Flur contains pictures and data on trees from the oak to linden to pine, and on flowers from the famous enzian to daisies and forget-me-nots. Nice condition with one piece of scotch tape on the spine.
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