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SS Schwarze Garde Berlin
Volk und Kanzler, Mit dem Tonfilmwagen durch das Dritte Reich, Otto Grube
Volk und Kanzler photo book 1934
Hitler speech, Hitler Rede
UfA Wochenschau cameramen filming the SA
This is a wonderful, rare Third Reich photo book called Volk und Kanzler (The Nation and Its Chancellor) by Otto Grube. The sub-title Mit dem Tonfilmwagen durch das Dritte Reich roughly translates as "With the Sound Movie Car through the Third Reich" and refers to the fact that silent movies were outdated and that the National Socialists took advantage of modern technology - moving pictures with sound. The Tonfilmwagen was a "moving film studio" that made it possible to bring Hitler closer to his nation and its people.
Hitler speaks to the SA in Kiel
The book starts with the historic day, 30 January 1933, when the "National Socialist dream came true". There are full-page photos of Hitler waving to saluting fans from a window in the Reichschancellery in Berlin, followed by photographs of the Reichstag arson fire, 21 March 1933 in Potsdam, the commissioning of Panzerschiff 'Deutschland', Hitler Youth gatherings with HJ Leader Baldur von Schirach, the "Day of the Black Guard" SS parades in Berlin, President von Hindenburg's 85th birthday, Tannenberg, Dr. Joseph Goebbels with young Italian Fascists and Italian Ambassador Vittorio Cerutti, the 'Graf Zeppelin' above the Nazi Party Day Stadium in Nürnberg, men of the Reichsarbeitsdienst at work, Hitler's visit to the Siemens Factory on 10 November 1933, etc., as well as many photos of camera men at work.
Flug-Pionierin Elly Beinhorn Afrikaflug 1933
3. Reich Jugendfuehrer Baldur von Schirach
30 January 1933 Reichskanzlei Berlin
Rede Hitlers im Siemens-Dynamowerk
In the foreword, author Otto Grube explains that many people only witnessed the extraordinary achievements of the 'Revolutionary Year" of 1933 from afar, but that there was a desire by citizens of the German nation to know more about Adolf Hitler, to see him in different circumstances, to create a closer relationship between the people and chancellor. The source of the photos in Volk und Kanzler was UfA Wochenschau, a weekly news program shown in theaters that informed German citizens about the latest news in Nazi Germany and abroad, entertainment, sport, etc.
Hitler, Hindenburg, Goering
UfA Wochenschau
Hindenburg, Goering, Hitler at Tannenberg
This 7-¼ x 9-¾ inch, hardcover 104 page Nazi photo book was published by Verlag der Reimar Hobbing of Berlin in 1934. Many photos in Volk und Kanzler are of course, not found in other Third Reich publications such as the Heinrich Hoffmann books. This example is in very nice used condition. No odor.
SS Schwarze Garde Berlin

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