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Ausstellung Unser Heer 1944
Führer und Oberste Befehlshaber der großdeutschen Wehrmacht Adolf Hitler
Nazi eagle and swastika
General der Infanterie Albrecht Schubert
Nazi Panzer
Hitler oath
Hoch- und Deutschmeister Regiment
Nazi sculpture
Winterkrieg im Osten
Nazi Honor Hall
The Ausstellung Unser Heer 1944 or Exhibition "Our Army" was organized by Wehrkreiskommando XVII and officially opened on 11 March 1944 at the Neue Hofburg in Wien (Vienna, the second largest city of Hitler's Nazi Germany), and offered for sale on this USMBOOKS web page is the official exhibition booklet published by Wilhelm Frick of Vienna.
The heavily illustrated 5-7/8 x 8-¼ inch, 48 page guidebook starts with a portrait of Führer und Oberste Befehlshaber der großdeutschen Wehrmacht Adolf Hitler and has an introduction by General der Infanterie Albrecht Schubert (shown left), head of Wehrkreis XVII. The content of each of the exhibition halls is described and there are photos and illustrations of art on display - paintings (soldiers, tanks, battles on the east and west front), sculpture, etc.
The center of the book contains a double-page spread of the room-by-room museum layout and the exhibition guidebook ends with a chapter about die Hoch- und Deutschmeister Regiment.
This original Nazi exhibition catalog is in very good, little used condition.
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This original 1944 Nazi Army exhibition book is offered for sale
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