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Tannenberg Jahrbuch 1939
Nazi Freikorps
Tannenberg Jahrbuch 1939 (Tannenberg Yearbook 1939) is a 6-1/8 x 8-¼ inch, 96 page, well-illustrated soft cover Nazi book by Hanno von Kemnitz with illustrations by Hans Günther Strick, published by Ludendorffs Verlag G.m.b.H. of Munich.
Albert Leo Schlageter
Freikorps Volunteer Regiment “Reinhard”
anti-Jewish illustrations
anti-Jewish, anti-Masonic books
Erich Ludendorff with Pickelhaube
Kaiser Friedrich III
Entartete Kunst
Degenerate Art
The book contains articles about Erich Ludendorff, Dr. Mathilde Ludendorff, the Nazi Freikorps, Celebrating German Ancestry, Albert Leo Schlageter, Kaiser Friedrich III, as well as short historical stories and patriotic poems.
There are full-page photos of Degenerate Art, Erich Ludendorff in uniform and in civilian clothes, Mathilde Ludendorff, Kaiser Wilhelm I, Kaiser Friedrich III, German poet Friedrich Hebbel as well as cartoons and illustrations. Tannenberg Jahrbuch 1939 also contains photos of Leo Schlageter, his prison cell and his execution, Volunteer Regiment "Reinhard" and other Freikorps units and even Sudeten German Freikorps (Nazi) units in 1938, elderly Jews, etc.
The last page of  Tannenberg Jahrbuch 1939 has advertising for other Nazi books published by Ludendorffs Verlag G.m.b.H., "Books that belong in every German Home!" This 76 year old one is in very nice used condition.
Tannenberg Jahrbuch 1939 is offered for sale
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