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This original 1936 Nazi Reichsehrenmal Tannenberg publication is
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Hindenburggruft Tannenberg
Das Reichsehrenmal Tannenberg
arrival of Field Marshal Hindenburg’s coffin on 7 August 1934
foreword by Adolf Hitler
Das Reichsehrenmal Tannenberg or German National Memorial at Tannenberg was begun in 1927 to honor the German regiments that fought the famous World War I battle there. Reichspräsident von Hindenburg who appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany in 1933 was buried there and it provided a reason for Hitler to rebuild the memorial between 1936 and 1938 in a larger, far grander style with many more features than were originally anticipated.
Field Marshal von Hindenburg
German National Memorial at Tannenberg
Offered on this USMBOOKS web page is an original 6-3/4 x 9 inch, 64-page photo publication called Das Reichsehrenmal Tannenberg with a foreword by Adolf Hitler. The text by Gert Buchheit covers its conception, reconstruction and dedication and this 1936 Verlag Knorr & Hirth publication has 60 rare photos and illustrations, many not found elsewhere.
Frederick the Great
Nazi eagle monument
Nazi Plaque Prussian Engineers
Rebuilding of Tannenberg
Iron Cross iron work
Das Reichsehrenmal Tannenberg shows the reader many of the beautiful works of art and architectural details of Tannenberg. There are photos of architectural drawings and models of the monument, transportation of building materials and actual construction, the crypt / Hindenburg grave, stained glass windows and intricate ironwork, Hindenburg busts and statues, patriotic eagles and plaques as well as photos of the arrival of Field Marshal Hindenburg's coffin on 7 August 1934.
Hindenburg statue
Because of its out-of-the-way location in East Prussia (today it is Poland) and because of the constant battles that took place there from 1942 to 1945, few Germans or others were able to visit the Tannenberg Memorial. In January 1945 German troops removed the coffin of Hindenburg and his wife and destroyed most of the monument. What was left was used as building materials for the construction of the Palace of Culture in Warsaw and today only overgrown foundations remain.
damage example
This rare 77 year old Tannenberg photo book is in good used condition. It was once damp and a few pages were stuck together in the past. We have illustrated typical resulting damage to around a dozen of the 60 pictures in the photo directly below.



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