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This is a nice but used example of the rare 9-1/2 x 12 inch, 48 page piano song book Neues Deutschland, Kampf- und Freiheitslieder (New Germany - Batttle- and Freedom Songs) published by Erwin Schwarz-Reisingen of Leipzig in 1933. Beginning with the Horst Wessel-Lied (Die Fahne hoch!) the book continues with piano arrangements of classics S.A. marschiert, Den Toten des 9. November, Kampflied der SA, Schlageterlied, Wir sind des Hitlers braune Sturmkolonnen, Deutsches Flaggenlied, Es zog ein Hitlermann hinaus, Morgen marschieren wir, Lied der roten Husaren, Deutschlandlied, Argonnerlied, Falmme empor!, Wenn wir marschieren, Die Wacht am Rhein, etc., etc.

Fully indexed. The 84 year old publication is complete and in used condition with a taped spine.

Neues Deutschland, Kampf- und Freiheitslieder (New Germany - Batttle- and Freedom Songs, 1933)
Morgen marschieren wir
Liederbuch der deutschen Soldaten


We offer TWO examples of the illustrated 9-1/2 x 12-1/2 inch, 88 page Nazi soldier song book, Morgen marschieren wir (Tomorrow we March).  It was commissioned by the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW) and published by Leutnant Hans Baumann. These fully indexed examples are the 1941 Klavier (piano) edition with an introduction by Leutnant Baumann.
Contains song lyrics for Nazi soldier marching and barracks songs such as Jetzt müssen wir marschieren, Weit laßt die Fahne wehn, Wohlauf Kameraden, Im ganzen Land marschieren nun Soldaten, Morgen marschieren wir, Graue Kolonnen, Eine Kompanie Soldaten, Es fuhr ein Zug Soldaten, Morgen marschieren wir in Feindesland, Wenn die Soldaten, Die Trommeln und die Pferden, Glück auf!, Es leben Soldaten, and many others.
The example above is complete and in very good hardly-used condition and offered for sale for $30.00 delivered in the USA.
The example shown right is complete and in good used condition and offered for sale for $22.50 delivered in the USA.
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Nazi Soldier songbook


Fatherland and Homeland songs
Chorliederbuch für die Wehrmacht (Choir Song Book for the Wehrmacht) is a Nazi songbook published by ProfessorFritz Stein (Leader of the War Choir during WWI and in 1940 Director of the Berlin Music Academy) in cooperation with Major Professor Ernst-Lothar von Knorr (Head Music Instructor of the OKH). These two men wrote the Foreword of this Third Reich song book in which they explain that when large groups of people are in one place, in this case soldiers during the war, the urge to sing together (in harmony) is natural.
Chorliederbuch für die Wehrmacht
Choir Songs for the Wehrmacht
Die Wacht am Rhein
The book is divided into eight section of Soldier Songs, Fatherland and Homeland songs, Love Songs, Nature Songs, Marching, etc.  Songs included are Die Wacht am Rhein, Die Königskinder, Der Soldat, Der Preussenkönig, Abschied, An das Vaterland, Flamme empor, Abdenlied, Gebet vor der Schlacht, Grab und Mond, Heilig vaterland, Kamerad komm!, Heimliche Liebe, Marschieren, Reiterlied, Schwertlied, Sonnenwendlied, Tod und Schlaf, Zum Wein, and many more.  With a very comprehensive alphabetical Table of Content.

Weiß Ferdl
Entertainment For A Military Evening


Few Americans have ever heard of Weiß Ferdl (Little White Ferdinand) but everyone in München (Munich) during World War II knew precisely who he was. The little white-haired Bavarian hillbilly was the Red Skelton of Germany and appeared live on stage as well as in movies and on the radio. Everything he said or sang was funny to most people.  This 4-3/4 x 6-5/8 inch, 40 page booklet is Weiß Ferdl's compilation of funny Bavarian music, recitations and stories that are adequate to provide entertainment for the troops for an entire evening.
Given this little book a group of well-meaning amateurs, could provide sidesplitting comedy for the whole Kompanie.

Contains words and music. Published by Verlag Münchner Humor, Adolf-Hitler-Allee 6, München-Solln probably in 1942 or 1943. Very nice condition. 

Offered for sale for $22.50 delivered by 1st Class Mail in the USA.
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Sturm- und Kampflieder für Front und Heimat was published by Propaganda-Verlag Paul Hochmut in Berlin. The Nazi songbook was dedicated to "Our Soldiers" by the NSDAP Kreisleitung of Neustadt-Mellrichstadt and is an expanded July 1940 version of an earlier 1931 edition with additional "valuable soldier songs".

The softcover Nazi song book is divided in three sections: Songs of the Nation, Battle Songs of the Movement and Soldier- and National Songs and contains the text to Horst Wessel Lied (Die Fahne Hoch), Deutschlandlied, Denn wir fahren gegen Engelland, Unsere Fahne flattert uns voran, Adolf Hitler - unserem Führer, Adolf-Hühnlein-Marsch, Fahnenlied, Siehst Du im Osten das Morgenrot, Saarlied, Argonnerwald, Fliegerlied, Glück auf!, Edelweiß, Graue Kolonnen, Kameraden auf See, Das Lied der Westwall, SA marschiert, Kamerad kommt mit, Flamme empor, Wenn alle untreu werden, Wir sind vom NSKK, Auf Soldaten, Bomben auf Engelland and many, many more.
Sturm- und Kampflieder für Front und Heimat, Ausgabe  Juli 1940
This 128 page, 4-1/8 x 6 inch softcover 75+ years old Third Reich soldier songbook is fully indexed in the back. It is complete and in very nice little-used condition.

Offered for sale for $65.00 delivered to any address in the USA. Foreign buyers, please inquire about additional postage costs.


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