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This wonderful illustrated Nazi reference book is **SOLD**.
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Schlag Nach! 1938 edition
& 400+ PICTURES!
SS and Nazi swastika flags
Nazi era runic symbols
Nazi swastika flags
Nazi shoulder insignia
Most American militaria collectors have never heard of the Third Reich book Schlag Nach! but all of them should know it. Schlag Nach! in German means “Look It Up!” and this excellent 5 x 7-1/4 inch, 656 page, very heavily illustrated encyclopedic hardcover book provides nearly 1000 summaries and tables, almost 400 pictures in the text and twelve full-page full-color plates.
The subjects covered are those that would be of most interest to people living in Third Reich Germany in 1938.
There is a lot of information on each of the main Nazi paramilitary organizations like the SA, SS, Hitlerjugend, etc., the Wehrmacht, the Luftwaffe, the Kriegsmarine, traffic statistics and regulations, rules of games, hunting, measuring trophy antlers, the world, the solar system, history, porcelain marks, culture, the orchestra, construction, radio station ID theme music, holidays, aircraft markings, ship and aircraft formations, military insignia of rank, paramilitary insignia, military pay groups, German orders and medals, traffic and railroad signs and signals, etc., etc.
Schlag Nach! was published by the Bibliographisches Institut AG in Leipzig.   This original 1938 hard cover example is complete and in nice used condition.



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