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Reichsleiter Baldur von Schirach
This letter on the embossed eagle and swastika letterhead of Reichsleiter Baldur von Schirach, is dated 19 April 1941 and addressed to Dr. Slawik in the office of the Police President in Wien (Vienna), Germany. It requests that architect Josef Riesner of Wien be provided with travel credentials in order to travel in behalf of Mr. Professor Heinrich Hoffmann (the official photographer of Adolf Hitler and the man who introduced Hitler to Eva Braun) on a photographic mission to Agram and Marburg in Yugoslavia.

The request was signed by the right-hand man of Reichsleiter Baldur von Schirach, Obergebietsführer Heinrich Müller. We are certain that this request was granted by Dr. Slawik because of the letterhead on which it was made: Von Schirach was the highest ranking Nazi in Gau Wien AND the son-in-law of wealthy Nazi photographer and publisher Heinrich Hoffmann!

A perfect piece for a collector of Von Schirach material, Hitler Youth material or a collector of Heinrich photo books! In very good condition, from the collection of authors Ray & Josephine Cowdery! Comes with a signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity.

Von Schirach - Heinrich Hoffmann
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