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For collectors of material related to the huge Nazi Reichsparteitage or Nazi Party Days held in later summer each year in Nürnberg this lot consists of very historical material.

We offer six absolutely original, heavy 8-1/2 inch silver plated alpaca ORIGINAL WELLNER dinner forks, one very heavy 10 inch model 4003 40 cl. silver plated alpaca ORIGINAL WELLNER Sauciere or gravy boat, and one heavy 8-1/4 inch silver plated alpaca GOWE plate identical in size and shape to ORIGINAL WELLNER model 4705, and probably made for GOWE by Wellner. EACH of these pieces is impressed with a circular wing in which it is written GÄSTEHAUS REICHSPARTEITAG.
The Nazi Party Days Guesthouse was erected for the NSDAP near Hitler’s own Nazi Party Days hotel in Nürnberg, the Deutscher Hof, very near the central railway station. It was fine, modern hotel with enormous carved stone shields across the front including one featuring an eagle clutching a swastika in its talons. Foreign dignitaries and and special guests of the Nazi Party stayed in the GÄSTEHAUS REICHSPARTEITAG during Nazi Party Days.
Each extremely well-made large fork has a 12 mm (1/2 inch) GÄSTEHAUS REICHSPARTEITAG logo centered one inch in from the end of the handle on the top side. The back of each fork is marked WELLNER PATENT 100 (in an oval) and 50 (in a square). Each is in very good used condition. We have not cleaned or polished the forks in any way but they will polish up nicely.
Nazi gravy boat
The huge silverplate gravy boat shown left weighs almost 1-1/2 pounds and measures about 5-12 inches tall by 10 inches long. It has the 12 mm GÄSTEHAUS REICHSPARTEITAG logo pressed into the bottom and is stamped along the handle-edge of the base 40cl. WELLNER and 20 (in a circle).

The bottom edge is slightly out of oval but could be straightened easily. We have not cleaned or polished the gravy boat in any way but it will polish up nicely.

The heavy 8-1/4 inch plate shown below has a considerably larger 18 mm GÄSTEHAUS REICHSPARTEITAG logo pressed into the bottom along with a script logo “Gowe” and the numbers 90 and 22 in circles. It is a virtual certainty that the plate was made for Gowe by ORIGINAL WELLNER as it matches their pattern perfectly. Plate has a dent in the edge of the bottom surface that could be straightened by a professional. Nazi Party Days
Wellner tray
Gowe tray
We have not cleaned or polished this plate in any way but it will polish up nicely.
All items from the GÄSTEHAUS REICHSPARTEITAG must be considered rare 69 years after the end of the Third Reich and 76 years after the last Reichsparteitag was held in Nürnberg. These pieces are 100% authentic and have never been more than a few miles from the old GÄSTEHAUS REICHSPARTEITAG in Nürnberg until we purchased them from an antique dealer there recently.
ORIGINAL WELLNER silverplate forks are $75.00 EACH delivered in the USA.
ORIGINAL WELLNER silverplate gravyboat is **SOLD**
GOWE silverplate plate is **SOLD**
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