This is a splendid original 8 inch (20 cm) pewter souvenir plate from the City of Reichs Party Days - Nürnberg. It is one of at least three very similar plates that attendees to the Nuremberg Rallies could buy and take home as their personal souvenir of the greatest annual get-together in Germany in Nazi times. We purchased this plate as you see it from someone who found it among the possessions of their diseased German immigrant mother who brought it to the United States years ago. 
The nine shields in high relief around the edge of this plate or contain the Hoheitszeichen or National Emblem of Third Reich Germany - a spread eagle clutching a wreath containing a squared swastika, SS runes, the SA emblem, the NSFK winged man, the DAF swastika in a cogged wheel, the NS-Frauenschaft triangle emblem, the Hitler Youth diamond emblem, the RAD spade with swastika emblem and the NSKK eagle and swastika.

In the center of the plate there is a relief of Nuremberg Fortress beneath the city eagle Wappen or coat of arms surrounded by the words NÜRNBERG - STADT DER REICHSPARTEITAGE (Nuremberg - City of Reichs Party Days).

There is a triangular brass loop soldered on the back to facilitate hanging the plate on a wall.

This pewter plate is in very good used condition without dents, cracks, dings or other damage except that small areas of the front side and a few spots on the back side show evidence of corrosion at one time in the plate's life. Fortunately, this has very little effect on the shields and is largely confinded to the sky on the right side of the image of the city of Nürnberg, which you can see in our pictures.  The light spots in the center of the back side appear to be small patches of adhesive residue which should easily come off with something like fingernail polish remover.  We suspect there was once a piece of felt added to the back so the plate could be used on a table.

This original Nazi paramilitary pewter Reichsparteitag Nürnberg plate is
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SS runes, SA, Hoheitszeichen
SS, SA,  NSFK, NSKK, DAF, HJ, RAD, NS-Frauenschaft
Nazi pewter plate Nuremberg
Show left is a close-up photo of the manufacturer's logo CPN, 'hidden in the trees' at the 8 o'clock position of the center of this original Third Reich Zinnteller.

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