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Die Strassen Adolf Hitlers
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Reichsautobahn - Mensch und Werk

Reichsautobahn - Mensch und Werk(The State Freeways - Men and Achievement) by photographer Erna Lendvai-Dircksen as published by Gauverlag Bayreuth.
RAD laborer
This book was deemed important enough by the NSDAP that the foreword was written for it by the Generalinspektor für das deutsche Strassenwesen Reichsminister Dr.-Ing. Fritz Todt prior to his tragic death in a plane crash in Russia, and Emil Maier-Dorn wrote the photo captions.
Erna Lendvai-Dircksen was a world-famous, world-class documentary photographer of enormous standing at the time she shot the photos for this exercise in justifiable German pride. The Reichsautobahn was without question the first freeway system in the world to have been carried beyond the experimental stage, and its development was closely watched and copied by highway builders and the governments of every country.
The book is magnificent. One hundred huge full-page black & white photos depict not only the landscapes, machinery and construction of one of the mid 20th century wonders of the world, but also the faces, bodies, and talented hands of the men who built it. Reichsautobahn bridges are shown in scaffolding and as beautifully stone-clad finished structures. Safe traffic lanes traverse the country of Germany with gentle curves, conformable ascents and descends, and no grade crossings.
Autobahn construction
Nazi freeway bridges
Today, with freeway travel a norm virtually everywhere, some of the importance of this book will be lost on many, but for any historian it is like leafing through a photographic manual on the building of the pyramids!

Spine is scotch taped, but overall nice condition.

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