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This genuine 1936 illustrated Nazi Party calendar is
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1936 National-sozialistische deutsche Arbeiterpartei Standarten Kalender
Naturally, something in the order of 95% or more of all calendars ever made have been used up on a daily basis as intended. That is why it is so rare when one finds a 70+ year old calendar that was never used.

This is just such a Third Reich calendar as published by the Central Publishing House of the Nazi Party, Franz Eher Nachfolger of München.
Nazi swastika flag
Hitler's freeways
Hitler speech
Adolf Hitler portrait
Nazi Kämpfer
Nazi swastika banners
The National-sozialistische deutsche Arbeiterpartei Standarten Kalender we offer here measures 6-1/2 x 10 inches and contains 105 pages with a chipboard back that was made so that the calendar could be used with a easle back to stand on a desk or could be hung on the wall.
SS formation
Each page covers a period of three or four days and has a picture and caption relevant to the success of the Nazi Movement in Germany.
Months are written in the customary fashion (Juli, August) and in the Nazi fashion (Heuert, Ernting) and important events are noted below the days of the month. The backs of the pages are also printed with Nazi oriented photos, poems, quotations, etc. A few of the pictures are printed in full color.
Germanic illustrations
Nazi eagle and swastika
Nazi Wehrmacht
Subjects of the pictures include everything from Adolf Hitler and Reichsautobahn to Nürnberg, the SS, the Hitler Youth, the Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD) , Kraft durch Freude (KdF), Albert Leo Schlageter, Dr. Fritz Todt, swastikas on old German decorations, the battle years of the SA, the Luftwaffe, Horst Wessel, etc., etc.

The calendar is complete and in excellent original condition.

The colorful red, white and black front cover page was detached at some point and has been reattached with a piece of tape on the INSIDE so it is not visible from the outside.
3. Reich Kalender



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