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Anti-Jewish Nazi magazines
Maerz 1933 der Wiener nationalsozialistischen Zeitschrift Der Notschrei
18 February 1933 Der Notschrei
Der Notschrei (Shout for Help) was published on 18 February 1933 in Vienna
18 FEBRUARY 1933
Adolf Hitler
This very early 9-3/4 x 13-1/2 inch, 16 page heavily illustrated Nazi magazine Der Notschrei (Shout for Help) was published on 18 February 1933 in Vienna, the largest western German-speaking city in eastern Europe, and a battleground in the fight between communists, socialists and Nazis for political control. The Nazis in Vienna were still years away from reunification with their counterparts in Germany but were extremely active in spreading the word of the German revolution taking place a few miles away and in the battle for control of the streets of Austria. Prior to 1938 the Nazi Party was an illegal formation for a good bit of the time so any National Socialist literature from the 1920s or early 1930s has to be considered very rare.
SS funeral
Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Führer
Nazi grave stone
Nazi car
The magazine is heavily illustrated with photographs and graphics not commonly found in other publications of the period. This issue of Der Notschrei has a lead article called A Biography of the Life of Adolf Hitler. Other articles are Member No. 7, quotes from Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf, Germany's Chancellor, Fourteen Year of Battle, and a major 3-page well-illustrated article "The Life of Richard Wagner" which includes Wagner's thoughts about Jews. An stark advertisement says only "Germans! Don't Buy From Jews!"
Jews put to work in Germany
An original 80 year old historic photo magazine in good used condition. Please use the links below to see other issues of Der Notschrei and Das Zeitbild offered for sale on
This 18 February 1933 issue of Der Notschrei is offered for sale
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