Nazi Artillery Officer piped trousers
Nazi Artillery Officer piped pants
Nazi uniform pants
Nazi uniform pants piping
tailor-made Nazi uniform pants
If you have a nice Nazi Artillery Officer's formal tunic in need of a pair of gray trousers, you have come to the right place! This is a beautiful tailor-made pair of original Third Reich wool trousers with red piping on the outside of each leg between the belt adjuster strap and the cuff. Each cuff has two buttons for foot loops and has reinforcing along the back edge. The trousers have two slash pockets and a flapped pocket on the right rear. There are four buttons on the fly and an assortment of buttons and tabs inside the waistband. One of the buttons bears the name Franz Marz Speyer A/RH. The crotch of these Nazi uniform pants is reinforced.
These trousers have a 33 inch waist and a 30 inch inseam. They show remarkably little wear with the following exceptions:
--   the front edge of the left front pocket is frayed in one spot.
--   there is a worn spot between the first and second button from the bottom of the fly.
--   there is a small repaired hole just below the crotch on the inside of the left leg.
--   there is a hole in the bottom corner of the front left pocket and the rear pocket (the holes are in the white material, not in the trouser material).
Wehrmacht trousers
The frayed edge on the pocket could easily be repaired and any other faults would not be seen if the trousers were on a mannequin, for example.

There is minor yellowish discoloration at each of the pockets from normal use and similar discoloration to parts of the lining.

These 70+ year old Third Reich German uniform trousers have been dry cleaned and are odor-free. Hard to find!  If you know somebody with an artillery tunic that needs trousers, we think they'd be thankful to you if you'd forward them this web page.

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