BERLIN OLYMPIC GAMES brochure contains the schedule of the 1936 Olympic Summer Games in Berlin, ticket prices, a picture of the Reichssportfeld and Olympic Stadium and other events organized in Berlin in connection with the XI. Olympische Spiele.  In very good used condition.
CHEMNITZ had a population of 350,000 according to this rare 34-page booklet published by the Tourist Office of Saxony in 1938.  It contains historical information and photos of churches, theaters, sport facilities, parks, as well as illustrations of items produced in this large industrial city (heavy machinery, cars, motorcycles, typewriters, textiles, etc.) and the famous wood carvings from the nearby Erzgebirge.  There are maps and train schedules, and a separate 10-page orange brochure contains hotel and public transportation details.  In very good used condition.
The HEIDELBERG brochure has tourist information in four languages (German, English, French and Dutch) on 12 panels. The inside is a detailed map of the city on the Neckar pointing out the castle, clinics, sport facilities, education facilities and since this is a Third Reich map the Horst Wessel Haus is shown, as is the Reichsautobahn. Dated 1939, in very good, little used condition.
The GERMAN RHINE brochure has 28 pages of campy color illustrations of the Rhein with historical and tourist information about every stretch from Holland all the way to Basel, Switzerland: Remagen, Koblenz, Worms, Wiesbaden, Bingen, Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, Kaiserstuhl, Colmar and everything in between. Dated 1938, in very good condition.


This is rare English language brochure printed for visitors to both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games held in Nazi Germany in 1936. Contains information about the venues, schedules and ticket prices. Published by the Reichsbahnzentrale für den Deutschen Reiseverkehr in cooperation with the Propaganda Committee for the Olympic Games. Rare but in poor condition.

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