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When the Nazis came to power in Germany early in 1933, they were acutely aware of the various boycotts already imposed and likely to be imposed on their country by enemies abroad. They also knew that foreign exchange (the exchange of foreign currency for domestic Reichsmarks) was badly needed to reform the German economy and to invigorate business in the hotel, transportation and various hospitality industries within Germany.

With the Olympics only three years away the Reichsbahnzentrale deutsches Reiseverkehr (DRV - the German Railways Tourist Traffic Organization - also abbreviated RDV) in Berlin divided Germany into 12 traffic districts and launched a comprehensive program to develop new travel literature aimed at both German and foreign tourists. The standard adopted for such literature was for a booklet or flyer measuring approximately 4-1/8 x 9 inches, the right size for literature racks and for the pockets inside of suit jackets and uniform tunics. The pieces of literature typically had a beautiful full-color cover with text and photos in black & white inside.
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