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Hermann-Göring Sportfeld Breslau 1938
Mitteilungsblatt der deutschen Sporthilfe Juni 1938
This is issue 6 of the Third Reich sports publication Mitteilungsblatt der deutschen Sporthilfe, the news bulletin of the Deutsche Sporthilfe organization that promoted sports and assisted athletes in Nazi Germany for June 1938. The 8-¼ x 11-¾ inch magazine with 16 illustrated pages was published by the Reichsgeschäftsstelle in the House of German Sport in Berlin.
Deutsche Sporthilfe Olympia Glocke
1938 Deutsche Turn- und Sportfest Breslau
Honor Members
This issue focusses heavily on Breslau in Silesia, Germany (now Wroclaw in Poland). From 24 - 31 July 1938 it would be like an Olympic city as the finest gymnasts and athletes in all of Germany (and ethnic German athletes from other countries all over the world) would compete in dozens of events during the Deutsche Turn- und Sportfest Breslau. The new Hermann-Göring Sportfeld is shown and the modern facilities in the new sport stadium are highlighted, the organization for the approximate 240,000 visiting athletes for 262 competitions is covered, as well as other information worth knowing about the upcoming sport festival.
Nazi swastika banners
There are also announcements for other coming sport events in different Gaue of Nazi Germany, sport trophy winners from different areas in the Reich, social welfare and insurance options for German athletes, guidelines for applicants of the SA-Kampfspiel und SS-Sportgemeinschaften, new employees of the Deutsche Sporthilfe organization, and photos of members from different Gaue who volunteered for military service in the Wehrmacht.
This June 1938 Mitteilungsblatt der deutschen Sporthilfe also has advertising and prices for sport trophies and the Reichssportblatt, the official magazine of the Reichssportführer (SA-Gruppenführer Hans von Tschammer und Osten) and the Deutsche Reichsbund für Leibesübungen (the German Gymnastics Association which in December of 1938 would become the Nationalsozialistische Reichsbund für Leibesübungen (NSRL or National Socialist Gymnastics Association).

This 77+ year old Nazi magazine is complete and in very nice used condition. Very rare!

Also for sale on, the official Nazi guidebook of the 1938 Nazi Breslau Sport Festival and the 7 May 1940 issue
of the Nazi sport magazine Reichssportblatt.

This June 1938 Deutsche Sporthilfe organization news magazine is
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