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Erdal Nazi shoe polish
Hochglanz Nazi shoe polish
Third Reich UNION shoe polish
Shoe and boot polish wsa a very brisk seller in the Großdeutschland (Greater Germany) of Adolf Hitler, with tens of millions of men in the Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht as well as dozens of uniformed paramilitary organizations like the SS, SA, HJ, NSKK, NSFK, etc. Oddly, it is now difficult to locate an original Third Reich period shoe polish can in Germany! The three offered here are absolutely genuine and original to the 1933-1945 period. They are perfect for a living history display, for a museum or for a re-enactor.
Erdal Nazi shoe polish
Erdal Rotfrosch Altbewährt (Trusty Old Erdal Red Frog), the genuine balsam-terpentine shoe cream made by Erdal-Werke in Hallein, Germany. The well-known red, white and black can used to contain black shoe polish but is now empty. It is 2-1/2 inches in diameter by 7/8 inches thick. Very good condition.

$30.00 delivered in the USA, $37.00 outside the USA.
Rotfuchs Nazi shoe polish
Rotfuchs - das vollendete Schuhputzmittel  (Red Fox - the Perfect Shoe Polish) was manufactured by J. Gregor in the town of Segnitz am Main.  This 2-1/2 inch can no longer contains any terpentine based polish but it is in good used condition.

$27.50 delivered in the USA, $35.00 outside the USA.
Hochglanz - Schuhcreme
Hochglanz - Schuhcreme (High-Luster Shoe Polish) manufactured by Memminger Oel und Fett Zentrale Benedikt-Sproll in Memmingen, Germany. The red, white and black can has a little shoe polish left in it and measures 4-3/4 inches in diameter by 1-1/4 inches thick. Along the edge the lettering translates as “close the can after use”.  Very good used condition.

$30.00 delivered in the USA, $38.00 outside the USA.
Erdal for Wehrmacht boots


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