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Statue of Liberty Medal of Honor war profits crippled soldiers Stalin
Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS Propagandakompanie (Public Relations Companies) were the equivalent of American War Correspondents, taking photographs and reporting on the activities of troops in war zones and rear echelon areas. They had nothing to do with propaganda in the American sense of the word and they were not responsible for these propaganda leaflets.

What Americans think of as propaganda was the business of German Psychological Warfare Units, and that was not an armed forces or Wehrmacht function in Nazi Germany. It was a far more serious matter. The thrust of the propaganda contained in the leaflets aimed at American fighting men was to take him out of combat - get him to surrender, defect, or end up in a hospital, so he wasn’t fighting Germans.

The German used delivery systems similar to those used by the Americans. Propaganda leaflets were rolled up in artillery shells and exploded over American positions, they were dropped by aircraft, and they were simply left where Americans would find them. The Nazi Psychological Warfare propaganda leaflets we offer here are ORIGINALS and were picked up on battlefields in Europe during World War II by American GIs. All are very rare today.

Marilyn Monroe
6-1/8 x 8-1/4 inch, two-sided
This leaflet has a very moving illustration of a man embracing a blond woman while a one-legged veteran on crutches in the background watches. The caption on the front says GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES but.... and on the back it says ... Blondes prefer strong and healthy men ... not cripples!
Obviously a very strong psychological statement to any man in a a foxhole. This leaflet bears the compression wrinkles of having been packed in an artillery shell and a tear in from the left side in the middle. Good condition. $55.00 delivered in the USA - $90.00 delivered in foreign countries.
Nazi war propaganda
3-3/8 x 5-5/8 inch, two-sided, two-color
This rare Nazi propaganda leaflet has a picture of a clock on the front showing the time as 3 minutes to 12 with a headline that says WORLD WAR No. 2 IS ALMOST OVER! ARE YOU GOING TO BE ONE OF ITS LAST VICTIMS?
The following five points explain how a soldier can feign a throat ailment that will get him a bed in a rear echelon convalescent hospital for as long as he wants to stay. Very good condition. **SOLD**
To see original anti-Jewish, anti-British, anti-American
Nazi propaganda in German, Parole der Woche, click HERE.