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Nazi police at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
This is an excellent 6 x 9 inch example of the very heavily illustrated hard cover year book published in January 1935 for the Day of German Police that took place in 1934. The publisher was the Central Publishing House of the Nazi Party, Verlag Franz Eher Nachfolger GmbH of Munich and Berlin. 

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superb Nazi police photo book 'The Police - From A Different Angle' with Himmler introduction
- December 1943 fifth expanded edition of the heavily illustrated Nazi police weapon manual
- original 1942 Third Reich correspondence about a police promotion
- 1942 Nordland Verlag book about the Ordnungspolizei
Tag der deutschen Polizei 1934 is offered for sale for $195.00
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General der Landespolizei Kurt Daluege
Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler
Following full-page portraits of Interior Minister Frick, State Secretary Grauert, Reichsführer-SS Himmler, Staatsrat Kube and an opening statement by General der Landespolizei Kurt Daluege, this rare 142 page book, Tag der deutschen Polizei 1934, does an excellent job of introducing German citizens to the daily work of their various police forces.
Nazi police with dogs
The book attempts and succeeds in putting a human face and a positive perception on police interaction with the German citizenry in contrast to the oppressive police presence in Germany during the years of Nazi / Communist street battles and the degradation of the post-World War I years.
Nazi charitable donations
collecting donations for the poor, cold and hungry
Very well-illustrated with dozens of rare photographs the book talks up police interaction with secondary Nazi figures like Julius Streicher, and in collecting donations for the poor, cold and hungry.

There is a section on police dogs at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, a photo of a police choir singing for the Führer below the open window of his room at the Kaiserhof Hotel in Berlin, as well as photos of Hitler and Göring dropping money into the collection cans of ladies asking for donations on the Day of German Police 1934.
Tag der deutschen Polizei 1934
FESTSCHMUCK, Nazi swastika decorations Leipzig Polizei
Tag der deutschen Polizei 1934 mit Schutzumschlag, Kurt Daluege
This 80+ year old hard cover Nazi police photo book is complete and in good used condition except for the old tape repairs on pages 103 and 104 - shown above.  Therefor, we offer this example of Tag der deutschen Polizei 1934 at a much lower price than original examples in undamaged condition.



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