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Nazi police group photo
Waffen-SS General, Nazi Generals
Nazi Meine Dienstzeit photo album Unteroffizier Helmut Ebkemeier
Nazi cloth insignia
Wehrmacht horse artillery
Obergefreiter triangle chevron
Sanssouci Potsdam
Nazi staff car - double exposure photo
Helmut Ebkemeier after 14 days as a soldier
Berlin brandenburger Tor
Wehrmacht maneuvers, private billeting
Deutscher Artilleristen Tag 1936 Schwelm i. W.
Artillerie-Regiment 6
Training at Jüterborg
Deutscher Artilleristen Tag 1936 Schwelm i. W.
BMW military motorcycle with sidecar
Nazi helmet, nazi canteen
Nazi horse artillery
Nazi generals, Luftwaffe general
Hitler referendum
Deutschlandfahrt 1936, LZ Hindenburg, LZ Graf Zeppelin
KdF railway ticket
3. Reich Wehrmacht Urlaubschein
Nazi tanks
Wehrmacht BMW with sidecar
Edelweiss in Nazi photo album
Wehrmacht vehicles
Artillerie-Regiment 6 group photo
Artillerie-Regiment 6 in Münster/W
Hitler's Berghof
Third Reich dried flowers
Salzburg with swastika banner
Wehrmacht motorcycle
Nazi police
Nazi Party Day Grounds Nuremberg
Munich, the Capital of the Nazi Movement
Nazi Vienna
holiday cut short!
Nazi armored train
Wehrmacht horse artillery
Nazi cattle car train
Nazi Gelaendewagen
KdF ship
Hofbrauhaus Muenchen
Unteroffizier Helmut Ebkemeier of Artillerie-Regiment 6
Wehrmacht Gelaendewagen
nazi documents
Wehrmacht Artillerie-Unteroffizier Helmut Ebkemeier
Nazi map case, Nazi canteen
Nazi officers
Nazi rifle range
Unteroffizier Helmut Ebkemeier with pipe
Hermannsdenkmal im Teutoburger Wald
Ebkemeier and Hedi Theis at the German-Italian border
Unteroffizier Helmut Ebkemeier in 1939
There are a small number of photos of his parents (Mr. & Mrs. Helmut Ebkemeier of Milspe in Westfalen) with their dog. On the internet we found a reference to Helmut Ebkemeier of Milspe who apparently owned a company of funeral hearses. Photo on the left is for reference only.

The two original 9 x 12-¾ inch Meine Dienstzeit (My Service Time) photo albums for sale on this USMBOOKS web page were meticulously put together by Wehrmacht Artillerie-Unteroffizier Helmut Ebkemeier of Artillerie-Regiment 6 in Münster/W. The first album covers the period 1934-1937, and the second photo album covers the years 1937 - 1939 of his military service.

Inside the front cover of the first album there are five items uniform insignia: a 5-¼ inch black & white woven insignia depicting a sword on a shield, a 3-1/8 inch red shield-shaped woven insignia with a black 6 woven on it, and Obergefreiter triangle chevron in green with silver tress, and two Unteroffizier Anwärter silver tress bars.
The albums contain carefully captioned photographs of artillery training, marching, loading of horses on trains, huge artillery pieces on an armored train, troop reviews by Nazi Generals (including an SS General), the inside of Ebkemeier's barrack's locker, his first Officer's Leave in 1936, training on horseback, German Artillery Day 1936 in Schwelm in Nordrhein-Westfalen, group photos with his fellow artillerymen, private billeting while on Wehrmacht maneuvers, the large training operation with the 16th Division from 23-29 August 1936 (horses, motorcycles with sidecars, tents, tanks, artillery pieces and "Our General"), July and August 1937 maneuvers (washing, shaving, eating, map reading, motorcycles, etc.), the parade of Artillerie-Regiment 52 of the 16th Division on 11 September 1937 (lots of high-ranking officers), police group photos, Gelaendewagen (6-wheel Nazi staff car), Flak guns, shooting practice, office duty, etc., etc.
Close-up of the stained glass window in
the Division building below
The albums also contain photographs of military service in and/or private outings to Berlin and Potsdam, Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Berchtesgaden, Nürnberg, Vienna, Dresden, including a KdF vacation from 22 May - 6 June 1937 from Hamburg to German/Austrian Alps, a visit to the Nazi exhibition Schaffendes Volk in Düsseldorf on 18 July 1937, a trip to Nürnberg and the Nazi Party Day Grounds from 25 May 1938, a visit to Munich, the Capital of the Nazi Movement, from 28-30 June 1938, Berchtesgaden and the Obersalzberg from 1-3 July 1938, Vienna from 4 - 6 July 1938, Salzburg and the Gross-Glockner. According to a telegram excerpt, this trip was cut short as Ebkemeier was ordered to come back to Münster by Oberleutnant und Adjudant von Ploetz of the Staff of Artillerie Kommandeur 16.
From 14 June - 3 July 1939 Unteroffizier Helmut Ebkemeier traveled to Klagenfurt and the Alps again and there are photos of Ebkemeier (wearing Lederhosen and smoking a ipe) with a pretty young lady and Italian guards in fancy uniforms at the German-Italian border.
The albums also contain several Wehrmacht Urlaubscheine, military vacation permits that allowed Ebkemeier to travel:
Urlaubschein for Kanonier Ebkemeyer dated 25 May 1935 issued by the 7. Batterie Artillerie Rgt. Münster
Urlaubschein for Gefreiter Ebkemeier dated 5 August 1936 issued by Stab Artilleriekommandeur 16
Urlaubschein for Obergefreiter Ebkemeier dated 30 January 1937 issued by Stab Artilleriekommandeur 16.
Urlaubschein for Unteroffizier Ebkemeier dated 23 June 1938 issued by Stab Artilleriekommandeur 16. This Urlaubschein was for a trip to from Münster via Munich, Berchtesgaden, Salzburg to Vienna and contains many stamps.
Urlaubschein for Unteroffizier Ebkemeier dated 13 June 1939 issued by Stab Artilleriekommandeur 16.
There is also a leaflet of the historic 29 March 1936 Nazi referendum regarding the military occupation of the Rhineland, a pin and newspaper article about the Deutscher Artilleristen Tag 1936 in Schwelm, train and museum entrance tickets, an opera ticket from Hamburg, dried Edelweiss and Enzian flowers from trips to the Alps, and a Deutsche Reichspost telegram Ebkemeier sent to Fraulein Hedi Theis, working at a NSV-Kindergarten in Münster - apparently his girlfriend.

Two outstanding Third Reich albums with exceptional photo content and unique miscellaneous ephemera in very good original condition. No odor.

Ebkemeier is marked with red * in photo below

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Unteroffizier Ebkemeier's two Meine Dienstzeit photo albums are
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