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Nazi uniforms and Military Items
This lot consists of two original pieces of correspondence addressed to the Reichsstatthalter’s Office in Wien (Vienna, the second largest city in Hitler's Third Reich), Department of Orders and Badges. The subject of both letters is the same - a request for official approval to be allowed to sell Nazi medals and honor decorations.
Nazi orders and medals
The earliest one is a two-page letter from a company called Uniformsorten und Militär Bedarf jeder Art (Uniform and Military Articles of All Kinds) in Wien, dated 16 January 1943. The owner, Party Member (Pg) Otto Hauber (on active duty) requested permission to add Nazi medals to his existing assortment of other military items he was already selling; uniform caps, Officer and Enlisted Men’s belt buckles, swords and daggers, Wehrmacht, Police and Gendarmerie pistols, leather gloves, etc.

The second letter, dated Vienna 19 January 1944, originated at a manufacturer of dies for seals and medals called Franz Krebs, which was licensed by the Reichszeugmeisterei in Munich to make badges and SS items. It is a request for clarification from the Regierungsrat regarding Mr. Krebs’ heartfelt desire to sell Nazi Party badges and medals in addition to his existing line of military articles.

Both letters are signed off with “Heil Hitler!” and have receiving stamps and handwritten notes on them from the recipient. Both letters were once filed in a two-ring Ordner or binder.

This material would be a splendid addition to any collector of Nazi Party, military or paramilitary uniform, orders, medals or badges, or an author writing on these subjects.
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