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This 1936 Hans Suren Aryan Olympic Spirit book is offered for sale
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According to Suren, the goal of this book was to make Germans realize the importance of physical excercise for a healthy body and soul, and that exercise was an important part of achieving the Nordic ideal.

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Mensch und Sonne - Hans Suren
Nazi nude
IMPORTANT: this is a nearly 80 year old book of nude human photographs. If you are offended by full-frontal or other nudity, go no farther, and do not buy it.
This heavily illustrated 5-3/4 x 8-3/8 inch, 264 page hard cover book Mensch und Sonne, Arisch-Olympischer Geist (Human Beings and Sun, Aryan Olympic Spirit) was written by Hans Suren, a pioneer in the German nudist movement. This example is in very good condition and was published by Verlag Scherl in Berlin in 1936. It is from the 116,000 - 125,000 impressions printing series.
Nude aryan girls
In the introduction to his book, Hans Surén wrote that he was a National Socialist and felt it was his duty to fight for breeding of pure blooded, aryan Germans.
pure blooded, aryan Germans
With this book he wanted to inspire the reader to strive to keep the Nordic race and German blood pure. Suren also pointed out that his book Mensch und Sonne was recommended by the Leiter des Rassenpolitisches Amtes der NSDAP (Leader of the Racial Political Department of the State Leadership of the NSDAP).
Aryan German
Aryan nude
Nazi nude
With the photos in Mensch und Sonne he attempted to show the reader the ideal to strive for.  Suren also tried to educate National Socialists about nudism in harmony with nature and told readers not to be ashamed or afraid of nudity. The book contains many quotations from Adolf Hitler’s book Mein Kampf about the subject of racial purity.
Nudism in harmony with nature
Nudism in harmony with nature
Nudism in harmony with nature
The original 1936 example of Mensch und Sonne is in very good, little-used condition. The cover is somewhat faded, but the interior pages are in excellent condition.