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These two weekly heavily illustrated Nazi newspapers were published for distribution in Reichshauptstadt Berlin. The target audience was housewives and their families.

Both are original to the Third Reich period, they are NOT modern copies.

Deutsche Wochenschau 11 Maerz 1942

Allgemeiner Wegweiser für jede Familie
2nd issue of March 1942

Deutsche Wochenschau
number 10, 11 March 1942

Arbeitsmaiden im Kriegshilfsdienst
The subtitle of this 9-¼ x 12-1/8 inch, 18 page Nazi weekly was "the publication of versatile knowledge and interesting conversation" and it was published by Verlag Albrecht & Co of Berlin. The cover shows the more than a century long evolution of the German Iron Cross, and there are articles about the design of the Heldengedenktag postage stamp of the Deutsche Reichspost, the Rupamotor, Twins, the Burgtheater in Vienna, Performances of the Berlin Philharmonic of Dr. Wilhelm Furtwängler in Sweden and Denmark, 'This Week in History', a short story about pirates, reviews of new books and movies.
Heldengedenktag postage stamp of the Deutsche Reichspost
The program for performances at the Berlin Staats-Theater, Deutsches Opernhaus, Schiller-Theater, Volksbühne and other theaters in Berlin is printed on the back cover and there is advertising for everything from foot powder to the Nazi State Lottery.

Two original Third Reich weeklies, a total of 34 pages in very nice condition. Nothing cut out, no writing, no odor.
the Berlin Philharmonic of Dr. Wilhelm Furtwängler in Sweden and Denmark
1942 Tag der Wehrmacht
This "General Directory for Every Family" measures 9 x 12 inches, has 16 pages and was published by August Scherl of Berlin. It contains an article about Arbeitsmaiden participating in the war effort, German Farmers featured in Art, news about medicine and technical research, short stories, fashion and a picture of the new Nazi Abzeichen which would be released at the occasion of the Tag der Wehrmacht (29 & 29 March).

There is a crossword puzzle and advertising by Rosenthal Porzellan, Nivea toothpaste, cleaning supplies, Fleurop flowers, etc.

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