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Nazi third reich negatives


Nazi third reich negatives 2
IMPORTANT: this offer consists of TWO web pages, the first is largely text and the second is largely photographs. You can go directly to the second web page by clicking here.
This lot consists of 1260 original Nazi negatives apparently shot by a Luftwaffe photographer or high-ranking Luftwaffe Officer at Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair headquarters outside Rastenburg, East Prussia, and during the German invasions of Belgium, Holland, France and Luxembourg in the spring of 1940.

Years ago in Dallas, Texas we purchased this large lot of authentic Third Reich black & white 35mm negatives contaning many images of German Chancellor and NSDAP Führer Adolf Hitler, Italian Duce Benito Mussolini, Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring and many high-ranking Nazis. The seller was the GI that “liberated” the negatives and he kept them in their original Zeiss-Ikon Contax-Negativ-Kartei files in a cigar box after the end of World War II.
We have recently had contact prints made of all the negatives and have found many wonderful surprizes!

There are many images of Hitler and Mussolini at the Wolf’s Lair headquarters near Rastenburg. In addition to the dignitaries there are images of the train, Hitler’s huge Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen or off-road vehicles, and the facilities in which these men met. There are plenty of SS and high-ranking military officers in the photos as well.

Nazi third reich negatives 3
Hitler Mussolini Wolf's Lair
Another marvelous series of photographs follows a number of Feldmarschall and General officers at the important military funeral of a heavily decorated officer of the 1st Panzer Division. There is a series of 24 images showing Hermann Göring in a full white Luftwaffe uniform (wearing his Grand Cross of the Iron Cross) in a darkened map room at Rastenburg studying aerial photographs and maps.
There are Wehrmacht troops during the invasions of Belgium, Holland and France, four full-length portraits of an army general wearing a Krim Shield, at least nine Generals in a row reviewing troops, the remnants of British equipment on the beach at Dunkirk, troops in the snow probably in Norway, staff cars, aircraft, strange weapons, vehicles, aerial views, knocked out enemy fortifications, equipment, etc., etc.
Hermann Göring
Among the most amazing treasures in this amazing lot is a series of over fifty negatives shot just after the famous German paratrooper assault on the Belgian fortress of Eben Emael. Among them is a very rare picture of one of the paratrooper’s airborne gliders still sitting atop the fortress! This series is followed by one depicting a train trip to a military base in Germany where these veteran Fallschirmjäger are seen being thanked for their efforts by their officers.

The negatives were shot on Agfa Isopan, Perutz, and Kodak Panatomic film with a very good camera probably a Contax, an Exakta or a Leica. Most of the pictures are critically sharp and well exposed. Very few of the negative are badly scratched or damaged. They are very clearly images of a military rather than a casual or touristic nature. There are many we can not identify in terms of location or subject.

Those shown here are good representative examples but unfortunately we had to leave out a great many interesting subjects.

The negatives have all been taken out of their original Zeiss-Ikon Contax-Negativ-Kartei files and re-stored in PrintFile Archival Preservers which are stored in a three-ring Besfile binder-box for their protection. All original Zeiss Kartei files have been saved and will be sent with the negatives to the purchaser.

With these original negatives you can have any film processor or print house make prints of any size you wish and you will have the exclusive right to sell them worldwide as long as you wish. This is more than a lot of negatives, this is a business!

We are able to show only a sampling of pictures made from these negatives on this webpage. If you have the time or inclination to look at a broader range of photographs please CLICK HERE.

This unique collection of 1260 Third Reich negatives
and their original Kartei files is SOLD.
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