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Adolf Hitler birthday 20 April 1942
Der Deutsche Jäger Zeitschrift - Nazi hunting magazines
painting by Prof Eduard Thöny
3 Wehrmacht Officers at a wild boar hunt
DJ Jaegerbrief
Third Reich personal ads
Gefallen fuer Fuehrer, Reich und Vaterland
Reichsjägermeister Hermann Göring
Third Reich advertising for hunters
Rosenthal Porzellan, Jägermeister
Oberjagdmeister Ulrich Scherping with SS lapel pin and Nazi Party badge
Hunting has long been a favorite pastime of landowners and the wealthy in Germany and it continued to be popular among an elite group during the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler. Among the best magazines available to hunters was the 9-½ x 12-1/2 inch, heavily illustrated monthly Der Deutsche Jäger (The German Hunter) published by F.C. Mayer Verlag of München and Berlin, Germany.
Each issue covered all that was new in the hunting world and the paramilitary Deutsche Jägerschaft (DJ or German Hunting Association). The magazine also provided advertising that led the reader to sources for things like swords and daggers, shotguns, rifles, pistols, gun powder, hiking shoes, binoculars, uniforms, travel, cigars, jewelry, automobiles, places to stay, taxidermists, and other hunting equipment (even wives or "companions" - see example below).
These war-time issues of Der Deutsche Jäger contain about 20 pages and many have announcements from different Jagdgaue in Nazi Germany for men who "Died for the Führer and Fatherland".
Der Deutsche Jäger 3. reich Jagdzeitschrift
The cover of the 24 October 1942 issue features a
painting by Prof Eduard Thöny with 3 Wehrmacht
Officers present at a wild boar hunt.

The 19 issues of Der Deutsche Jäger in this lot are dated 11 April 1941, 25 April 1941, 9 May 1941, 23 May 1941, 29 August 1941, 12 September 1941, 26 September 1941, 10 October 1941, 24 October 1941, 7 November 1941, 21 November 1941, 5 December 1941, 19 December 1941, 2 January 1942, 16 January 1942, 30 January 1942, 13 February 1942, 27 February 1942 and 27 March 1942.

Advertisers include Walther, Krieghoff, Bayer, Meissen, Hensoldt, Rosenthal, Agfa, Krupp, Mauser, Spindler & Hoyer, Jägermeister, Bols, Neophan, Edward Kettner, Sauer & Sohn, Gustloff-Werke, Sinoxid, Emil Busch, Jägermeister, Wanderer, Hansaplast, etc. There are many personal ads by dog breeders, taxidermists and even men and women looking for spouses! There is even someone trying to fix up his 42 year old sister!
Third Reich shooting tips
Walther and Jägermeister advertising

These 19 rare original wartime issues of Der Deutsche Jäger are bound in a sturdy 10 x 12-½ inch hard cover book. Before the original owner bound these 70+ year old Nazi hunting magazines they were filed in a two-ring binder so every issue has two punch holes near the spine.

Hermann Goering at Reichsjaegerhof Rominten

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These bound 1941 and 1942 issues of Der Deutsche Jäger are offered
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1941 & 1942 BOUND HEAVILY

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